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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 6 Recap

Along the way, the fat man was attracted by a mountain wall. After some identification, everyone found that it was actually a legendary human face fish fossil. It seems that this is the ancient river. Previously, the murals of coffins on the ancient ship clearly recorded the funeral route, and this can analyze the direction of the river.

But the matter was very important. After discussion, everyone decided to move forward first, and then they found that the equipment and vehicles blown by the wind were scattered on the ground in twos and threes. At this time, a large group of corpses and turtle kings actually chased them. They were forced to the edge of a cliff, and had no choice but to use safety ropes and vines to escape to escape to the rainforest at the bottom of the cliff.

Born, fortunately, the corpse and turtle were afraid of something in the rainforest and did not dare to follow. Sure enough, as soon as he came, the fat man was hit. A poison like an egg made him unconscious. Fortunately, Pan Zi woke him up with a mouthful of water.

Wu Xie is still carefully checking Chen Wenjin’s notes here. The map inside is full of reference points and is full of question marks, which is a headache. Aning, who has been silent, finally opened his mouth: the Western Queen Mother Palace, deep in the swamp. It’s not too late. Everyone simply ate something, backpacked, and went on the road. Along the way, Panzi reminded everyone to tighten the cuffs and trousers. This kind of swamp is the world of mosquitoes, grasshoppers and snakes, and it is the most dangerous.

As he said, Wu Xie also became weaker and weaker. He fainted on the ground for a while. Fat Wang found that he had knocked down his poison before Wu Xie’s abdominal parasitism, and it had already spread. At this time, Wu Xie, who had already poisoned, was in pain, so he had no choice but to inject him with a sedative. My brother analyzed that this thing was extremely poisonous. Don’t act rashly. When it grows larger and bigger, he stuffed a piece of cloth into Wu Xie’s mouth. The little brother cut Wu Xie’s skin with a knife and took it out raw.

After a long time, Wu Xie woke up slowly. This thing was really powerful. Everyone was the first time to meet it and dare not neglect it. In order to prevent him from relapse into infection in this humid and dark environment, he unanimously decided to start immediately and continue to move forward. Poor Wu Xie staggered up and barely caught up as soon as he had a passive operation. Companions.

Xie Yuchen’s black glasses trekked all the way after escaping from danger. Although he did not find his companion, he accidentally found the ancient totem. Xie Yuchen took out paper and pen. After recovering according to the broken texture, he faintly identified it as a totem human-faced bird under the rule of the Western Queen Mother. His kung fu lived up to his heart. It seems that this is the center of the Western Queen Mother’s sphere of influence.

The two took out the military shovel and began to dig. Soon, a tunnel appeared in front of them. So they came to the gate of the underground palace with a flashlight, pushed open the two stone gates that had been blocked for thousands of years. In the same way, the statue of a blue bird and the expected organ were also found.

Black glasses sighed and took people’s money to relieve the disaster. Who made this little flower master a rich owner? So he turned the mechanism hard. Sure enough, another door opened, and the hidden weapon inside also flew out. After avoiding the hidden weapon, they found that there were two bodies in the door, and the body was marked by Wu Sansheng. The black glasses sighed.

It seemed that Lord Hawk really did not trust the people in the same time, even making a mark. This hiddenness, the two continued to walk along the tunnel. Unexpectedly, the really powerful mechanism appeared, and the dense magnetic sword handles almost penetrated the throats of the two.

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