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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 10 Plot

Seeing Song Zi’s loss, Chen Menglu couldn’t bear to talk to Song Zi and urged her to return to Meow Star, but Song Zi was still obsessed with finding a little boy. Shen Danni was about to confess to Lu Wu. Daju witnessed the process of Shen Danni’s rejection of her confession and felt pity. Daju deliberately planned an appointment to ease Shen Danni’s mood. Seeing all that Daju had given, Shen Danni slowly became interested in Daju. Lu Wu’s childhood sweetheart, Jin Jiawen, wanted to return to China to visit her mother, but her father temporarily arranged a blind date, so she asked Lu Wu for help. Shen Danni accidentally lost Daju’s wedding ring and Daju was furious.

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