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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 11 Plot

Chen Menglu accidentally discovered that her assistant, Ah Zheng, was also a cat, including Song Zi, Da Ju, and her every move were monitored by the men in black. Song Zi accidentally heard the news of Lu Wu and Jin Jiawen’s blind date, and ran into them chatting in the car, and turned away sadly. On the way, he was followed and kidnapped by mysterious people. Lu Wu didn’t worry about following along, Lu Wu fought with the mysterious person, and Song Zi was admitted to the hospital to protect Lu Wu from being injured. Lu Wu explained his relationship with Jin Jiawen to Song Zi, and secretly investigated the mysterious person who attacked him. Daju guessed that the matter was related to the man in black, and the purpose was to bring Song Zi back to Meow Star.

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