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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 13 Plot

Jin Jiawen asked Lu Wu to go to the rooftop to discuss the engagement. Although Jin Jiawen encouraged Lu Wu to chase Song Zi, in fact she had a secret love for Lu Wu. Song Zi, who came to the scene, was unable to accept the engagement of Lu Wu and Jin Jiawen for a while, and left angrily, but found it difficult to control herself. It turned out that the mint was stolen, and the cat’s posture was revealed again. Song Zi hurriedly fled, but all this was secretly photographed by paparazzi. Jin Jiawen quarreled with her father, hoping that her father would give herself more respect and freedom. Lu Wu found that Song Zi didn’t see him and hurried to search. Song Zi was lost and hid in the big orange shop, planning to abandon Lu Wu.

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