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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 16 Plot

Lu Wu was busy at work and hired a personal trainer for Song Zi. Unexpectedly, the coach targeted Song Zi everywhere. Song Zi drove away the fitness coach in a fit of anger. Song Zi was afraid that Lu Wu would be disappointed and took the initiative to apologize. Lu Wu comforted Song Zi and cheered for him. Shen Danni and Daju are caught in a cold war. Song Zi succeeded in losing weight, but was disqualified for the role. Lu Wu finds CEO Wang of the famous entertainment company to talk about the termination of the contract for Song Zi. Song Zi wanted to ask Chen Menglu for help, but was stopped by Daju. Lu Wu asked his parents for help in order to raise money for the termination of the contract.

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