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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 18 Plot

Lu Wu approached Mr. Wang to discuss the termination of the contract. Mr. Wang originally thought that Lu Wu could not afford the liquidated damages, but Lu Wu paid a huge sum of money for termination of the contract and compensated all Song Zi’s previous losses, and the contract was successfully terminated. The Song Zi studio consisting of Chen Qingyang, Zhen Xin, Zheng Sanyuan, and Qian Bin was formally established.

To make Song Zi happy, Lu Wu arranged a romantic date. The man in black stared at Shen Danni and tried to threaten Daju, but Daju told Song Zi’s location. After Song Zi got the news, he and Lu Wu ran away, Lu Wu had a headache and passed out on the way. Song Zi learned from the doctor that Lu Wu had a car accident in his early years, so Song Zi suspected that Lu Wu was the little boy she was looking for.

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