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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 2 Plot

Because of a conflict with the director on the set, Song Zi fell into the public opinion of playing big names. I don’t know how to face Song Zi from the brokerage company, and learned that the person in charge has been replaced by Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang has a very gentle attitude towards Song Zi. Song Zi felt fortunate. Unexpectedly, when he attended the event at night, he was put mint in the water. Song Zi noticed that his body was changing, and had to flee in public in a hurry. The paparazzi Qian Bin and Zheng Sanyuan, who had received information in advance, followed all the way, and Song Zi turned into a cat while avoiding. She was taken back to Lu Wu’s pet house by Shen Danni, and had a conflict with Lu Wu after regaining his human form.

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