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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 20 Plot

After learning the true cause of Xiao Ran’s death, Daju fell into self-blame. He recalled his past with Xiao Ran, and all the good and painful memories turned into sharp edges, making Daju painfully unable to extricate himself. He couldn’t face Shen Danni, he told Shen Danni that he would not pester her anymore. Shen Danni heard the news, like a bolt from the blue, she accused Daju. Daju complained to Zhan Xiaotian, not wanting to hurt Shen Danni. Shen Danni used wine to relieve her sorrow and deliberately dated other people in front of Daju. Daju couldn’t stand it in the end and came forward to stop it.

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