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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 22 Plot

Lu Wu wanted to do something with Big Ju because of Zhan Xiaotian, but Jin Jiawen rushed to stop him. Jin Jiawen enlightened Lu Wu to make him believe in Song Zi. Song Zi went to Zhan Xiaotian to talk about the past. Zhan Xiaotian kept describing the memories of being with the white cat, but his desire to cover up made Song Zi discover the clue. Song Zi realized that Zhan Xiaotian was not the person she was looking for. Jin Jiawen took back the amulet she gave to Lu Wu and broke her secret love with Lu Wu. Daju saw that Lu Wu and Xiao Ran were in shockingly similar physical conditions before, and couldn’t bear to find Song Zi and tell Meow Xing’s secret, Song Zi was in pain.

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