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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 3 Plot

Song Zi blatantly left the meeting for unknown reasons, the rumors of playing a big name were confirmed, and the intimate actions with Lu Wu were photographed by paparazzi and spread on the Internet. President Wang asked Chen Qingyang and Zhen Xin to deal with the matter. When Daju learned about Song Zi, he started investigating and found that the person who framed Song Zi might be in black. When Lu Wu helped the stray cat find its owner, he found out that Xiao Xi, a seriously ill girl, was also a fan of Song Zi. So I found Song Zi to help Xiao Xi, and Song Zi came to the hospital to encourage Xiao Xi. Daju accidentally discovered that Shen Danni was very similar to her favorite, and she became interested.

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