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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 4 Plot

Song Zi and Lu Wu celebrate Xiao Xi’s birthday together, and the atmosphere is harmonious. Lu Wu took Song Zi to relax, and the two talked to each other to solve their misunderstandings and re-recognized and became friends. The man in black began to act, threatening Chen Menglu to find a way to get Song Zi into trouble. Song Zi slowly had a good impression of Lu Wu in her heart. Lu Wu’s pet hall is surrounded by fans, and Shen Danni, who has been secretly in love with Lu Wu, is jealous of Lu Wu’s cold treatment. Daju came to the pet house to find Shen Danni for a date, but caught Zheng Sanyuan and Qian Bin who were squatting at the door and taking pictures of Song Zi and Lu Wu.

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