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Falling In Love With Cats 恋上喵星人 Episode 6 Plot

Song Zi found Daju and confided, and asked Daju how to chase the boys. Daju followed the paparazzi to find the boss behind the scenes. Unexpectedly, the mysterious man in black took the information and the paparazzi’s work was stopped by the boss. Song Zi expressed love to Lu Wu in the manner of Big Orange, but he failed one by one, and finally kissed Lu Wu forcibly. Lu Wu did not refuse, and the two fell apart in embarrassment. Song Zi’s black material incident escalated, and Song Zi, whose residence was exposed, had to find a house by himself. When Song Zi was lost, she was surrounded by fans again. Fortunately, Lu Wu appeared to make a relief. Under Song Zi’s various entanglements and prayers, Lu Wu agreed that Song Zi rented Lu Wu’s house.

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