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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 30 Recap

Chen Luo did not go back to his hometown on leave, but went to a nursing home. Xia Ranran showed Xia Hongyuan the jewelry his grandfather gave her. Xia Hongyuan knew that the Shao family liked her very much, and Xia Ranran really liked Shao Mingzhe, so she asked her to bring Shao Mingzhe back to see him tomorrow, and she didn’t forget to ask Xia Ranran no matter what she was after.

It’s not that you have to be independent when you get married, so that you don’t get hurt. Su Mo called Xia Ranran to meet her suddenly. Lin Xiangan was very happy. Su Mo said she would tell Xia Ranran well, even if she didn’t forgive herself, it didn’t matter, as long as Lin Xiangan was at ease.

When Su Mo saw Xia Ranran, I was wrong in the first sentence, saying that he was too strong and always wanted to prove himself. Xia Ranran was surprised and couldn’t believe that the person who had to kill him a few days ago suddenly extended friendship. Olive Branch, one of her and Lin Xiangan became the spare tire for Su Mo’s love, and the other became the spare tire for her friendship. Su Mo said that she didn’t want to be good friends with her again, but hoped that she would not be so hostile again. Lin Xiangan was very happy to see that the two could finally sit down calmly and talk.

Xia Ranran took Shao Mingzhe home to see Xia Hongyuan. Xia Ranran said that she just wanted to get engaged first. She also wanted to wait for Xia Hongyuan’s legs to get better before marrying. Of course, Shao Mingzhe wanted to get married as soon as possible, but she also respected Xia Ranran’s ideas. . Xia Hongyuan asked them to take a look at the house, and buy them if they liked it, which counted as an engagement gift for them. Shao Mingzhe said that he wanted to talk about cooperation with Xia Hongyuan, and Xia Hongyuan promised very happily.

Shao Mingzhe wanted to put a ring on Xia Ranran in front of Xia Hongyuan. When Xia Hongyuan thought about Su Mo, he asked him about his ex-girlfriend who never forgets. Shao Mingzhe calmly replied that everyone has his ex-girlfriend. She would love Xia Ranran for the rest of her life. Xia Hongyuan was relieved and watched the two put on the rings and let them join her and Peng Jing’s wedding on the weekend.

Shao Yunping was unhappy when he learned that Shao Mingzhe had privately agreed to the terms of cooperation with Xia Hongyuan, and felt that he should discuss it with himself, but Shao Mingzhe felt confident. On the weekend, Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran put on dresses to prepare for the wedding. Xia Ranran looked very beautiful in a small dress, and looked at the egg rolls.

Half of the rich circle was invited by Peng Jing, and the egg roll satirized her that she didn’t know how to keep a low profile. Xia Hongyuan also invited Lin Xiangan and Su Mo, and the two came to face each other, but did not see Shao Mingzhe. Shao Mingzhe went to help Xia Ranran get Han Yun’s information, and he had to wait until he arrived. Chen Luo came back, took Xia Ranran to Xia Hongyuan, and did not forget to praise her for being beautiful today.

Shao Mingzhe watched a video, and the other party said that Peng Jing had let him lie, and she didn’t know the video. At the beginning of the wedding, Omelet found that Chen Luo always peeked at Xia Ranran, but fortunately Shao Mingzhe arrived in time. Seeing Peng Jing walking across the red carpet, Xia Ranran’s grip on Shao Mingzhe’s hand became tighter and tighter. Shao Mingzhe asked her to bear with him, and soon there was news that made her happy. Seeing Peng Jing and Xia Hongyuan swear to exchange rings, Xia Ranran gritted her teeth silently.

Su Mo took the initiative to find Shao Mingzhe, saying that he was going to give up and he didn’t need to hide from himself anymore. Shao Mingzhe was a little surprised. Lin Xiangan told Su Mo to go back first, and told Shao Mingzhe that as Xia Ranran’s friend, he wanted Xia Ranran to be happy. If Shao Mingzhe made Xia Ranran unhappy, the first person who would not let him go was himself. Shao Mingzhe ignored him. What does Lin Xiangan have? Qualified to say this to him.

Back at the dining table, Su Mo gave Xia Ranran a design draft. Xia Ranran satirized her not giving up, but decided to take a look. After Shao Mingzhe came back, he fed Xia Ranran’s steak bit by bit in front of everyone. Xia Ranran was a little uncomfortable, and Su Mo turned his head directly. Several people talked about love, and Su Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran sprinkled dog food fiercely.

A movie about Xia Hongyuan and Peng Jing’s love was played on the big screen. Upon seeing this, Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran out for a walk and told her that Lao Ma had found a clue to Han Yun. When the two were about to leave, Han Yun’s face appeared on the screen. They were in the Qingshan Sanatorium, and everyone’s expressions changed.

Peng Jing naturally thought that the video was released by Xia Ranran and scolded her for being uneasy. Xia Ranran hurriedly explained that the video was the first time she saw it. Shao Mingzhe protected Xia Ranran and said that she had been with herself and never left. It is impossible for the dining table to go to the wedding station and ask Peng Jing to show evidence, otherwise he would shut up.

Peng Jing was very angry, but Shao Mingzhe calmly analyzed that if the film is real, Han Yun would not die. Qingshan Sanatorium also has been paid by Han Yun. Place, you can find Han Yun if you find it here. Peng Jing scolded them for turning black and white, and also caught Shao Mingzhe’s work on 3D film technology in the UK. It is not difficult for him to let a person die and resurrect in the video.

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