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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 31 Recap

Peng Jing persuaded Xia Ranran not to lie to herself. Han Yun was dead. Xia Ranran almost quarreled with her. Xia Hongyuan stopped him. He didn’t care if the video was true or false, but blamed Xia Ranran for making such a sudden attack. . Xia Hongyuan asked Xia Ranran to bring Han Yun to him alive, otherwise he would never want to hear anything about Han Yun again. Egg rolls, Su Mo and Lin Xiangan hurriedly came to Xia Ranran, and everyone was surprised to learn about the ending.

Xia Hongyuan’s face was lost today, knowing that Xia Ranran was unwilling to accept the fact that Han Yun had passed away, since she wanted to make trouble, let her make trouble, otherwise it would never end. Xia Hongyuan and Peng Jing were planning to go home, but found that Chenchen was missing. Shao Mingzhe gave Xia Ranran a USB flash drive.

The video in it was exactly the same as the video played at today’s wedding, but he did not play the video. It seems that someone is behind it. Shao Mingzhe thinks this person is Chen Luo. I wanted to help Xia Ranran, but I didn’t expect the result would be like this. Xia Shao Mingzhe was curious about what happened that night, why suddenly Chen Luo became her black knight.

Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe heard that a child had climbed on the roof. They found that it was Chenchen in the past. Shao Mingzhe hurried up to save the people, but Chenchen fell down again when he crawled back. Xia Ranran was also caught in order to protect Chenchen. Sent to the hospital. Lin Xiangan and Su Mo took a walk together. Lin Xiangan was intoxicated in happiness and begged Su Mo to never change again.

On the way back, Su Mo fell asleep and shouted Shao Mingzhe’s name, and Lin Xiangan’s heart suddenly became cold again. When Xia Ranran woke up, she saw Shao Mingzhe standing beside him worriedly. Xia Ranran’s arm was dislocated because she reached out to pick up Chenchen. Chenchen had no problem, just bumped her head. Shao Mingzhe said that Xia Hongyuan had been with Xia Ranran for a long time and had just left.

Xia Hongyuan trusted Xia Ranran and hoped that Peng Jing could also believe her. Peng Jing said she believed on the surface, but resented Xia Hongyuan for speaking for Xia Ranran, and wanted to take back everything that belonged to Chenchen.

Xia Hongyuan asked Chen Luo to stay to take care of Xia Ranran and left the hospital first. Chen Luolai’s ward was called out by Shao Mingzhe. He knew that Chen Luo liked Xia Ranran, so he asked him frankly what he planned to do with Peng Jing. After all, Xia Ranran’s friends are better than multiple enemies. Chen Luo said he would not Do things that are not good for Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe believed that Xia Ranran did the video.

He never expected that it was the old horse Shao Mingzhe went to meet, so he could only risk playing the video by himself. Chen Luo did not admit it, but threatened him with the relationship between Shao Mingzhe and Su Mo, and hoped that he would not do anything against Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe thought of Lin Xiangan’s words and wondered, do many people know about this?

For Xia Ranran, the two reached an agreement temporarily. Hearing the nurse said that the patient and his family were fighting, the two hurried back to the ward and found that Peng Jing had come to give Xia Ranran an apple. Peng Jing saw them coming and left, and Chen Luo hurried to send them off. Peng Jing stayed by Chenchen’s side. Chen Luo said that this time was really an accident, and there was no need to anger Xia Ranran, but Peng Jing reminded him not to get rid of himself, his life is in his own hands, she can let Chen Luo Going to heaven can also send him to hell.

Xia Ranran was discharged from the hospital and asked Shao Mingzhe to put on a blindfold to help her change clothes. Shao Mingzhe reluctantly put on and helped her change her dress. Xia Ranran opened the USB flash drive that Su Mo gave her. Su Mo made changes according to her idea, and Xia Ranran was hardly dissatisfied. Xia Ranran didn’t want to cooperate with Su Mo, but she had no other choice, but she was a little unwilling.

Shao Mingzhe consoled her that it was her who made the final profit, and Su Mo just wanted to prove herself. Shao Mingzhe asked Xia Ranran to tell herself about Han Yun. Han Yun was the first Olympic champion in the province and was strong all his life. Xia Ranran was under great pressure. Xia Ranran only wanted to see if she was doing well.

Their last side was still arguing, because Xia Ranran didn’t want Han Yun and Xia Hongyuan to lih. What she destroyed was not only her marriage, but Xia Ran Ran’s home. Xia Ranran felt that Han Yun was selfish and didn’t say goodbye to her until the last moment. On the day she left, Xia Ranran specially arranged a camping trip. There were her, Dan Roll, Lin Xiangan, Su Mo, and Su Mo’s boyfriend. Shao Mingzhe sighed when he was on the way to camping. He suddenly received a call from Shao’s mother saying that Shao Yunan was missing and rushed home.

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