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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 32 Recap

Shao Mingzhe recalled the day Shao Yunan disappeared, the day Xia Ranran and Su Mo camped. Xia Ranran said that she really wanted to meet Su Mo’s boyfriend and see what kind of person made her obsessed so much. Shao Mingzhe asked her if she remembered the specific date of Han Yun’s disappearance. Xia Ranran said it was August 5th. The last time Shao Yunan contacted Shao Mingzhe was also August 5. Why was it so coincidental that their parents disappeared on the same day. Shao Mingzhe didn’t tell Xia Ranran about this.

After some teasing, Xia Ranran cursed and went back to the room to sleep. Shao Mingzhe thought about Shao Yun’an’s disappearance. The reason he went to the UK was because he discovered that Shao Yun’an was buying in the UK without telling everyone. Once she had an apartment, she would also receive a call from Xia Ranran. It turned out that their meeting might not be a coincidence. If Han Yun didn’t give Xia Ranran the wrong address, then they were destined to meet.

Xia Hongyuan watched Han Yun’s video and called Xia Ranran to ask about her physical condition. Xia Ranran would be able to go to the company in the next day. Xia Hongyuan immediately called Chen Luo to go to the company. Back at the office, Xia Hongyuan took out a document from the safe, which contained a property transfer agreement. Xia Hongyuan was unwilling to divide his property with Han Yun, but when Xia Hongyuan started his business, all the money was from Han Yun. Hongyuan Group also had her shares. At the time the company was in the listing stage, Xia Hongyuan refused to disclose that he and Han Yun had divorced. ,

Otherwise it will affect the company. Han Yun gave everything to Xia Ranran, and told Xia Hongyuan to wait until she entered the company when she became an adult and then transfer it to her. Han Yun insisted on divorcing Xia Hongyuan. Xia Hongyuan heard Peng Jing coming and hurriedly stuffed the documents into his clothes. The divorce agreement was put into the shredder, but Peng Jing still saw it. After Peng Jing and Xia Hongyuan left, they sent a message to Chen Luo, and Chen Luo entered the office and turned on the shredder.

The sanitation permit in the store has been processed, but Lin Xiangan carelessly asks, his mind is full of scenes of Su Mo calling out Shao Mingzhe’s name. Lin Xiangan ran to Shao Mingzhe’s house drunk, Shao Mingzhe was punched by him as soon as he got out of the car, and he pulled Xia Ranran to go. Shao Mingzhe and Lin Xiangan fought, Xia Ranran hurriedly called Su Mo. But Su Mo just couldn’t get through. Shao Mingzhe criticized Lin Xiangan for being useless. If she really likes her, she should be her woman instead of bothering him all day. After a few people got caught in the rain, Shao Mingzhe carried Lin Xiangan back home, Xia Ranran took care of Lin Xiangan with a towel, but Shao Mingzhe got jealous and drove Xia Ranran away and changed his clothes.

Shao Mingzhe led Xia Ranran into the room domineeringly, what method he had to use to make Xia Ranran’s mind all his heart, Xia Ranran shut him out without saying a word. The player was repaired, and Chen Luo opened it and found that it was a video of Shao Mingzhe teaching Su Mo practicing dance. When Lin Xiangan woke up the next day, he found that Su Mo had sent a text message saying that he wanted to have a good chat with him. Shao Mingzhe asked him to brush the pot for a while. The pot was beef porridge made by Shao Mingzhe. Lin Xiangan thought he was learning to make it by himself. After tasting it, he realized that this is the beef porridge that Shao Mingzhe once made for Su Mo. It turns out that this is why Su Mo likes beef porridge.

Shao Mingzhe came to ask Xia Ranran to get up. Xia Ranran ate all the porridge he made. Shao Mingzhe joked to eat her. Xia Ranran kicked him out of bed and asked him if he really loved himself , She has a failure experience in love, falling in love with someone is a very dangerous thing for her, if Shao Mingzhe is only joking with her, she will take it seriously. If Shao Mingzhe really loves her, Xia Ranran will love him the only way he can. After hearing this, Shao Mingzhe said that although it sounds terrible, it is exactly the love he needs.

Lin Xiangan looked at the phone call from Su Mo with a complicated heart and did not answer. Returning to Miss Su’s shop, Lin Xiangan felt even more complicated when thinking of the origin of this shop. He wanted Su Mo to be happy, but in the end it was not him who made her happy. Lin Xiangan decided not to make this shop. If Su Mo’s happiness was not given to him from beginning to end, what would be the point of making porridge every day.

Chenchen was discharged from the hospital today. Peng Jing went out to pick him up. Xia Hongyuan called Xia Ranran and asked her to go home, saying that she had something to tell her. Peng Jing went to see Chen Luo, and Chen Luo took out the document, which was the divorce agreement between Xia Hongyuan and Han Yun, dated 2010. Chen Luo went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to investigate and found that Xia Hongyuan was indeed divorced.

Chen Luo persuaded Peng Jing to fight for half of the property, but what Peng Jing wanted was all. Chen Luo said that what he wanted was Xia Ranran, and Hongyuan Group was not interested. Chen Luo told Peng Jing that this was the last thing he did. When Peng Jing helped him, Chen Luo made up his mind to help Peng Jing control the power of the Hongyuan Group and become the hostess of the Xia family. Now he has done it. Peng Jing threatened to tell Xia Ranran what Chen Luo had done, and Chen Luo shot back with her buying off the financial manager.

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