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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 1 Recap

In 2013, Jiang Ming No. 1 Middle School was shrouded in the atmosphere of the college entrance examination. The student Xia Linxi rushed to the school examination room. The English placement test has already begun. Xia Linxi entered the classroom after the listening part was over, but she With the help of English listening in the broadcast, I successfully completed the English listening part.

After the results came out, Gu Xiaoman didn’t look at the results, she knew she couldn’t enter the sprint class. Xia Linxi’s cousin, Chen Yichuan, is her deadly enemy. He often goes against her. It is ironic that Xia Linxi will not get the first place if she misses English listening. Unexpectedly, she was beaten in the face soon, and Xia Linxi continued to be the first in grade. When Gu Xiaoman saw Chen Yichuan, he looked like an idiot and didn’t want to look at the results. Chen Yichuan saw that he was 5 points behind Xia Linxi in English, which made Chen Yichuan miserable. Gu Xiaoman never expected that he would actually pass the 18th place and enter the sprint class.

When looking at the results, Xia Linxi saw that his neighbor Qin Yue was going back to his alma mater. Gu Xiaoman knew that Qin Yue was the number one in his grade, and thought that they were childhood sweethearts, men and women. Xia Linxi and Chen Yichuan were the monitors of the sprint class at the same time, and Xia Linxi also became the representative of senior students and needed to speak on stage. When counting the number of people, Chen Yichuan found that neither Jiang Zhenghan nor Zhang Huaiwu had come. As a result, Zhang Huaiwu ran to play games. The head teacher asked them to find them before the oath meeting.

Xia Linxi asked Chen Yichuan to go to Jiang Zhenghan and Zhang Huaiwu with him. Chen Yichuan was unwilling. Xia Linxi took advantage of his carelessness and snatched his limited pen, but Gu Xiaoman turned his attention away. Gu Xiaoman had all the classmates on Weibo, and found Zhang Huaiwu’s whereabouts, and found him in an Internet cafe on a trainee. Xia Linxi came to the Internet cafe and saw that three people wanted to play Zhang Huaiwu, mainly because of the game.

Jiang Zhenghan helped out, levelled the three, and promised to help them upgrade their game ranks. But his help was paid. Zhang Huaiwu had no money. Jiang Zhenghan said he wanted to go to Zhang Youcai for money. Zhang Huaiwu was very afraid of his father Zhang Youcai, so he asked Xia Linxi to help advance the payment. Xia Linxi helped Zhang Huaiwu to pay back the money. She had no cash, and Jiang Zhenghan asked him to transfer the money through WeChat.

Xia Linxi found that this person was the Jiang Zhenghan she was looking for. He thought he was a minor and came to work in an Internet cafe, saying that everyone was in the same class and there was no need to care about him. She asked Zhang Huaiwu to find a way to help her and take Jiang Zhenghan back to school. Zhang Huaiwu unplugged the network cable and Xia Linxi took the opportunity to take Jiang Zhenghan’s laptop, just waiting for Jiang Zhenghan to go back to school by himself.

Qin Yue came to the school and gave Xia Linxi his notes for the college entrance examination, so that Xia Linxi should not forget the appointment of the Beijing University. Xia Linxi has always regarded Qin Yue as a role model for herself, hoping to be like Qin Yue one day excellent. At the Hundred Days College Entrance Examination Meeting, Xia Linxi took the entire school to swear an oath to make a promise for the college entrance examination. As an outstanding alumnus, Qin Yue encourages all students in the school to be positive and work hard.

Jiang Zhenghan was forced to come to the classroom because of the computer. He did not wear school uniform on the first day of class. The head teacher gave him three days to change his outfit. During class, Jiang Zhenghan threw a note to tell Xia Linxi to return the computer. Xia Linxi didn’t want to talk to him because the computer was confiscated by the head teacher. After school was over, Xia Linxi wanted to escape quickly, Jiang Zhenghan chased her and blocked her into the school bathroom.

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