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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 2 Recap

Jiang Zhenghan wanted to kick the door and let Xia Linxi return the computer, but he couldn’t walk into the women’s bathroom by himself. Xia Linxi had no choice but to tell Jiang Zhenghan that the computer had been taken away by Zhang Youcai. Jiang Zhenghan intends to steal the computer back because he has to use the computer to work, otherwise he will lose five thousand yuan. Taking advantage of Xia Linxi’s attention, she snatched the notebook Qin Yue gave her.

Xia Linxi had no choice but to follow Jiang Zhenghan to the school at night. They avoided floor monitoring and security and approached Zhang Youcai’s office step by step. Xia Linxi was very curious that Jiang Zhenghan was so familiar with the school. At the last monitoring station, Jiang Zhenghan tried to hide the camera and opened the office door smoothly. Xia Linxi was a little scared, thinking he was a repeat offender.

When the security guard was monitoring the picture, he found a problem with the hidden camera. After Jiang Zhenghan got the computer, he didn’t return the notebook to Xia Linxi, but put it on the light stand and slipped away by himself. Xia Linxi had no choice but to stand on the table to get the notebook. At this time, the security opened the door of the room and Xia Linxi was caught.

After Zhang Youcai knew about this, he thought that Xia Linxi wanted to steal the test paper, but given her usually excellent grades, she was only asked to write an examination. Xia Linxi was very angry. After returning home downstairs, she saw Qin Yue waiting for her.

Qin Yue asked Xia Linxi to drink milk tea. He hoped that Xia Linxi could contact her if he had any questions. It just so happened that the store launched a slow mailing activity, which can be written and sent to herself a year later. Xia Linxi wanted to try it, and she wrote down her wish.

It just so happened that Xia’s mother called Xia Linxi, and the math teacher for her had been waiting for a long time. When Xia Linxi returned home, she found that the math teacher was Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan refused to admit it, saying that he was Jiang Zhengre and Jiang Zhenghan’s brother. Xia Linxi didn’t believe it, she was very angry, thinking that she had lost 205 yuan when she met Jiang Zhenghan, and she wrote the first check in her life.

Jiang Zhenghan said that he is a family tutor, with work quality and professional ethics. Xia Linxi still didn’t believe it, and decisively agreed to Jiang Zhenghan’s gambling agreement. He didn’t expect that his math was not as good as Jiang Zhenghan’s. Jiang Zhenghan made three solutions in a short time. Xia Linxi thought he had cheated, and he must have done it before. The two thought about a new way, shuffled the Rubik’s Cube and rearranged the sequence. They did not expect Jiang Zhenghan to win.

Gu Xiaoman counted the tarot cards for Xia Linxi, saying that she could conquer people like lions. Xia Linxi had no choice but to voluntarily write down a promise to let Jiang Zhenghan be her teacher. She also wondered in her heart that Jiang Zhenghan was very good at math, and how did her grades count down.

Jiang Zhenghan continued to come to class in the school uniform of the previous school, but the teacher said that he was fined to stand. Gu Xiaoman told Xia Linxi that Jiang Zhenghan was once a big man. He was in the computer team at the previous school. He was smart and handsome. He just didn’t know why he dropped out and transferred to this school.

Gu Xiaoman saw the notes that Qin Yue gave to Xia Linxi, and lamented that the love between scholars and tyrants is very special. If she wants to be a writer in the future, she needs to accumulate some material. It’s the exam again. Zhang Huaiwu can’t do the questions and copy the answers everywhere. Jiang Zhenghan told him the answer. He still didn’t believe it, but he didn’t expect it to be the correct answer. Zhang Huaiwu looked at Jiang Zhenghan with admiration.

The head teacher asked Xia Linxi to collect the money, and asked her to remind Jiang Zhenghan for the uniforms. Xia Linxi was helpless, and chased Jiang Zhenghan when get out of class was over, and even chased him on a bicycle.

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