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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 7 Recap

Song Chi and Xiao Yingtao completed the negotiation of the new product perfectly. Song Chi also affirmed Xiao Yingtao’s work ability. Xiao Yingtao clamored to have a big meal, but Song Chi thought it was all Xiao Yingtao’s share. The matter, did not agree to Xiao Cherry’s request.

The car suddenly broke down on the way back together. Song Chi called An Kun for help and walked forward with Xiao Yingtao. When Xiao Yingtao was struggling to walk in a short dress and high heels, Song Chi was considerate. She wraps her suit around Xiao Cherry’s waist and walks forward carrying Xiao Cherry.

Song Chi talked endlessly about the story of the starry sky. When I looked back, I found that Xiao Yingtao was asleep unknowingly on Song Chi’s back. Song Chi brought Xiao Yingtao to stay, but was told that there was only one big bed room left. .

Sitting in the yard of the hotel, Song Chi deliberately told Xiao Yingtao a ghost story, so scared Xiao Yingtao beat Song Chi hard, Song Chi suddenly held Xiao Yingtao’s hand and stared at Xiao Yingtao, and Xiao Yingtao looked back at Song. Chi, the two looked at each other, and both could see the hot emotions in the eyes of each other, Xiao Yingtao shyly withdrew her hand. Xiao Yingtao was worried that An Kun would misunderstand the two people’s accommodation, Song Chi called An Kun to explain it, so An Kun Kun didn’t have to take a trip.

Song Chi came out of the shower and saw that Xiao Cherry was already asleep. She wanted to sleep on the sofa. Perhaps because she was afraid that Xiao Cherry would fall off in the middle of the night, he simply spread a blanket and slept on the floor next to the bed. She didn’t know who was sleeping on the ground, and she almost stepped on Song Chi early in the morning. Xiao Yingtao suddenly realized that she was ugly just getting up, and hurriedly clutched her pillow and ran to the bathroom. Song Chi was amused by Xiao Yingtao’s appearance.

Father Song heard that Song Chi and Xiao Yingtao were staying at the hotel, and also gave important items to Xiao Yingtao. He felt that Xiao Yingtao approached Song Chi unscrupulously for the sake of Song Chi’s money, and Song Chi has always had it. A person of principle, but because of this incident, he took special care of Xiao Ying.

The assistant persuaded Song Chi that Song Chi might just use Xiao Ying to refuse the marriage. At the same time, Xiao Ying was not a person who climbed the dragon and attached the phoenix, but was also a capable person, but Song did not. Let Song Chi do what he wants and let the assistant call Xiao Yingtao over.

Xiao Yingtao sat at the desk, thinking about Song Chi’s appearance. When An Kun came and saw Xiao Yingtao, she knew that she was thinking of Song Chi, and she felt a little uncomfortable. Song Chi and Xiao Yingtao were thinking about each other as well. Song Chi did not know if it was too early to confess because of his shyness, so he hesitated. An Kun reminded Song Chi and Xiao Yingtao that the three-month contract is about to expire. If you really like Xiao Yingtao, you must confess. Everyone It can be seen that the two really like each other. As men, they should be more direct.

Father Song called Xiao Yingtao to keep her away from Song Chi, and could agree to any conditions Xiao Yingtao made, whether it was money or work. Xiao Yingtao left angrily, and told Dad Song that although she was poor, Dad Song could not be humiliated, nor could she buy anything with money. Father Song reminds Xiao Yingtao that she will pay for her choice.

Xiao Yingtao got angry and left and called Mengmeng to tell her about it. She didn’t want Song Chi to know that the relationship between father and son had deteriorated. Mengmeng naturally knew that Xiao Yingtao liked Song Chi and was anxious for the two of them. Not to mention, there is only a layer of window paper that hasn’t been broken.

Just after hanging up the phone, Song Chi came over. Song Chi offered to cook and eat together during the rest tomorrow. Xiao Yingtao readily agreed, got up and wanted to go back to the room and Song Chi grabbed him.

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