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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 8 Recap

Song Chi took Xiao Yingtao’s hand and looked at her with scorching eyes. An Kun appeared when she wanted to be bold enough to confess, Xiao Yingtao hurriedly hid. Xiao Yingtao overheard the conversation between Song Chi and An Kun, and she knew that Song Chi was actually going to confess to her today, but An Kun felt that this place was not suitable for confession. At least it should be a candlelight dinner or something. Xiao Yingjing laughed. more than. Remembering the thing that Song’s father was looking for her, Xiao Yingtao suddenly felt that some idol drama scenes appeared to her.

Song Chi and Xiao Yingtao took advantage of the off-duty to clean up, wash something together, cook together, and prepare a candlelight dinner together. Song Chi also boldly confessed their feelings to Xiao Yingtao and hope Xiao Yingtao can do it. Her girlfriend, Xiao Yingtao, generously agreed, but said that as long as she became her boyfriend, she had to listen to her everything. Xiao Yingtao and Song Chi hugged and kissed.

Early the next morning, Xiao Yingtao prepared breakfast for Song Chi and ironed his clothes for Song Chi. Song Chi embraced Xiao Yingyou affectionately, and the two enjoyed the taste of love.

Lu Mang talked to Song Chi outside of work. She was the person who knew Song Chi the most since she was a child. She could understand Song Chi’s intentions with only one look of Song Chi, but she never thought that Song Chi would be so. Fall in love with Xiao Yingtao, Lu Mang hopes to ask Song Chi for an answer, why is that person Xiao Yingtao and not her, Song Chi apologizes to Lu Mang, admitting that they can only be good friends.

An Kun also feels uncomfortable because of Xiao Yingtao and Song Chi being together, but on the surface he still has to pretend to be generous to bless. An Kun does not want to fight, because Song Chi is his favorite brother, he will never Will go to compete with Song Chi, and don’t want to see Song Chi’s sweet cherry every day, An Kun has to go to the bar to drink to relieve his sorrow, and meet the same worried Lu Man in the bar.

Song Chi and Xiao Cherry bought ice cream to eat together. Xiao Cherry made the corners of her mouth. Song Chi smiled and kissed Xiao Cherry and helped her eat the ice cream in the corner of her mouth. The two were happy and sweet. The taste was much more beautiful than ice cream.

Song Chi left because she was in a hurry to go to work. An Kun planned to send Xiao Yingtao to work. Xiao Yingtao told An Kun about the fact that Song’s father was looking for her the other day. When Xiao Ying was at work, he had to take a picture of eating instant noodles and send it to Song Chi, and asked him to work overtime today to make up for it tomorrow. Song Chi promised to take a good rest tomorrow to accompany the cherry.

Xiao Yingtao snuggled next to Song Chi, asking when Song Chi started to like her? Song Chi pretended not to hear loudly and asked Xiao Yingtao to ask again. While Xiao Yingtao asked, Song Chi couldn’t help kissing Xiao Yingtao’s lips.

An Kun ate instant noodles by himself and accused Xiao Yingtao and Song Chi of cooking each other, but he ate the instant noodles by himself, Song Chi hurriedly agreed to cook for An Kun, but An Kun refused and did not want to delay the two. Before and after the flower.

Early the next morning, Xiao Yingtao found that An Kun and Song Chi had left as soon as she got up. Some major events have happened to the company. The series designed by Xiao Yingtao has been posted online. The information is not the first draft, but everyone has corrected it a little bit. , I believe Xiao Cherry will not do that. Lu Mang also expressed his trust in Xiao Cherry and requested that a press conference be held as soon as possible to clarify the matter and not to let Xiao Cherry be wronged.

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