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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 1 Recap

In Haiping City, Dongchuan Province, reporters gathered at the venue where the top ten outstanding legal figures were held, waiting for the top ten outstanding legal figures to appear. Secretary Zhang Youcheng led the distinguished figures out of the building. One of the distinguished figures was absent due to an incident. The beauty prosecutor Luo Xinran was replaced. Zhang Youcheng greeted Luo Xinran and asked Luo Xinran to stand up with the other nine distinguished figures.

The reporters took photos with the lens. An old lady rushed over with a pennant and kept praising He Shuguo, Zhang Youcheng hurriedly called He Shuguo, but the old lady turned her face immediately. He Shuguo took a closer look and recognized that the old woman who came to present the pennant was the mother of the murderer Shen Guangjun, whose surname was Hu Xuemo. It was He Shuguo who handled the Shen Guangjun murder case. Hu Xuemo always believed that his son Shen Guangjun was wronged. Taking advantage of the government’s commendation activities for outstanding figures, Hu Xuemo came to the government building to make trouble, which attracted the attention of reporters and created public opinion in his favor.

He Shuguo was grabbed by Hu Xuemo’s clothes and could not take off. The image of the government was severely damaged, and Zhang Youcheng returned to the office building with a pale face, so as not to lose face with He Shuguo. He Shuguo did not dare to push the elderly Hu Xuemo, but was forced to step back by Hu Xuemo step by step. The two of them were in a stalemate, and reporters were taking pictures.

Hu Xuemo committed suicide by cutting her wrist suddenly, and Luo Xinran rushed him to the hospital. Shen Guangjun was serving his sentence in prison. He seemed to have found a way to leave the prison temporarily. He glanced at the camera installed in the corner and quickly stepped into the corner. Prison guard Zheng Rui was lured and provoked by Shen Guangjun and beat Shen Guangjun in a rage.

The instructor and Lao Luo arrived after hearing the news. A prisoner revealed that Shen Guangjun was beaten to a fracture by Zheng Rui. The instructor and Lao Luo called Zheng Rui to the office. Zheng Rui admitted that he beat Shen Guangjun, but he had control of the strength and it was impossible. Shen Guangjun was fractured. Shen Guangjun did fracture and was admitted to the hospital. The instructor tested Shen Guangjun’s details. Shen Guangjun asserted that he was broken by Zheng Rui. Hu Xuemo was admitted to the hospital under the arrangement of the government.

Every day he was visited by ghosts and monsters, who claimed that they could reverse the case for Hu Xuemo’s son. Hu Xuemo was always not confused, and drove away the liars full of lies. He Shuguo went to the hospital accompanied by Luo Xinran and wanted to visit Hu Xuemo. Luo Xinran felt that He Shuguo was hitting the gun and persuaded He Shuguo to leave. She did not dare to go to the hospital. Instead, she gave the gift He Shuguo bought to the nurse, who gave it to Hu Xuemo. The Director of Public Security Yan Zhengyi and Zhang Youcheng talked about the case of Shen Guangjun.

Since the case has been finalized and the reversal is unrealistic, Yan Zhengyi and Zhang Youcheng are also unable to do anything. Feng Sen, head of the patrol inspection team of Dongchuan Province, went to the hospital where Hu Xue’e was hospitalized. He lied to Hu Xue’e when he entered the ward, lied that he was Hu Tianming, and the backstage was very hard, so he could reverse the case for Hu Xue’e’s son. Hu Xuemo believed that Feng Sen was another liar, and unceremoniously threw all the documents Feng Sen had brought out of the window.

Feng Sen hurriedly ran downstairs. Several doctors were picking up documents. Feng Sen hurried forward to pick up the documents that had fallen.

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