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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 2 Recap

Feng Sen picked up the documents that had fallen out of the building, picked up all the documents, piled them up and sorted them together. Hu Xuemo slipped out of the hospital building while dragging the suitcase, glanced at where Feng Sen was sitting, and dragged the suitcase away silently. As soon as she walked away, Luo Xin then entered the hospital with her feet. The ward was empty. Luo Xinran asked the nurse to find out where Hu Xuemo was. The nurse didn’t know where Hu Xuemo had gone.

Hu Xuemo left the hospital to go to a restaurant and lied to the waiter that he was the nanny of Director He’s house. The waiter did not doubt that he had it, and let Hu Xuemo into the restaurant. Feng Sen and Yan Zhengyi are in the same restaurant, and they are discussing Shen Guangjun’s case in the box. At that time, Shen Guangjun had a dispute with the deceased Xu Dafa, and Xu Dafa died in the car soon after.

All the evidence of the assault pointed to Shen Guangjun, and the court finally sentenced Shen Guangjun to prison. Hu Xuemo was in the box next door. After listening to Feng Sen’s conversation with He Shuguo for a while, she quietly left the box and walked out of the restaurant without where she was. Feng Sen and He Shuguo walked out of the box and learned from the waiter that an old lady had entered the restaurant. Hu Xuemo believes that He Shuguo was responsible for his family’s dispersal. Shen Guangjun’s friends met Hu Xuemo and persuaded Hu Xuemo to stop trial of justice for his son.

There are more than 100 people in the inspection team, and it is impossible to specifically target Shen Guangjun, who has no identity and no background. Hu Xuemo did not agree with her son’s friend’s point of view. She believed that the 100-odd members of the inspection team were motivated by the money and collectively wronged her son and forced her son to death. She must seek justice for her son. .

After investigation, Feng Sen found the mobile phone number of a man named Lao Wang. Lao Wang entered the palace for the second time and appeared after receiving a call from Feng Sen. Feng Sen brought up a murder case that occurred ten years ago. As soon as Pharaoh’s expression changed, he left, as if he had seen a ghost, and refused to continue chatting with Feng Sen. Feng Sen did not stop, chasing Pharaoh all the way, until Pharaoh ran away in the car, he stopped chasing. Lao Wang ran to his lover’s house, Feng Sen came again, and he even knew the name of the local police station chief.

Pharaoh attacked Feng Sen in a rage, but was overpowered by Feng Sen. Feng Sen led Lao Wang to a roadside stall for supper. Lao Wang confirmed that a homicide occurred in the underground garage ten years ago. The deceased was a young woman who was crushed to death by multiple cars. Feng Sen told Lao Wang that he was the brother of the deceased, and the name of the deceased was Zheng Weili.

When Lao Wang heard Feng Sen reveal his identity with the deceased, he looked surprised, and then realized that Feng Sen was avenging his sister. After getting off work, Zhang Youcheng was accompanied by his subordinates to prepare for a meal. Before getting on the bus, Zhang Youcheng mentioned his ineffective son Zhang Yiwei and regretted pampering his son with his wife, which caused his son’s eldest son to become too young and to get into a bad habits. Zhang Youcheng deliberately brought his wife and children to the banquet. Those who came to the banquet were all middle-aged and elderly people.

Zhang Yiwei was a young guy. He felt bored after entering the box, so he took out his mobile phone to play games. His mother asked him what he was doing, but he didn’t bother. He answered that he was playing a game.

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