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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 31 Recap

This inn was full of weirdness, and Dongyue couldn’t help but raise his vigilance. The boss brought up the tea steamed buns. She suspected that they were poisonous and blocked Feng Xi. Unexpectedly, Feng Xi opened her mouth and swallowed a big mouthful of the steamed buns, and immediately hesitated to speak. Dongyue was extremely anxious. Was choked. Suddenly, several officers and soldiers broke into the door. When they saw Feng Xi here, they really had nowhere to look for them. They didn’t have to work hard. They raised their swords to arrest Feng Xi, and the next moment these officers and soldiers were dizzy. Naturally, I was stunned by the store owner’s sweat medicine.

It turned out to be Feng Xi’s place here. The owner Wang Chui and Feng Xi were old acquaintances. Even Fu Yuanshan was hiding in this inn. After a few days, Feng Xi finally lived up to expectations and brought the book. Every word in that letter of Jiang was the flesh and blood of the Ming family, but it ruined the Ming family. Feng Xi left it to Fu Yuanshan for safekeeping and decided to enter Beijing alone. Seeing Feng Xi’s delay in coming out, Dongyue looked for the back kitchen, and happened to collide with Fu Yuanshan. Fu Yuanshan recognized her as the girl who secretly followed Feng Xi.

As soon as Feng Xi came out of the kitchen, he was surrounded by children. Wang Chui said that all the people here are favored by Feng Xi, so he should naturally be liked by children. The world says that he is embezzling money, but he does not know his money. All spent on these good deeds. What’s even more ironic is that Feng Xi is actually wanted by the imperial court. In order to be able to enter Beijing safely, Wang Chui got a customs clearance certificate for a wealthy businessman’s couple. It happened that Dongyue and him could enter Beijing together by pretending to be a couple.

Lu Yuantong ran to the emperor and cried, pretending to be worried about his son, begging the emperor to release his restraint. And Feng Xi and Dongyue passed the entrance gate smoothly, don’t pass it. Until the night, Lu Yuantong brought soldiers to Feng Mansion for questioning. He believed that his son was killed by Feng Xi, but how could Tangtang Youxiang Mansion go in and search casually? Dao Le and Feng Ziyuan led a group of families to stop them. After all, outnumbered and injured.

The situation was critical. Feng Xi showed up with the injured Lu Zhengming at this time and stopped the fight for life. When Lu Yuantong saw that his son was seriously injured, he didn’t need to ask more questions and pointed the knife at Feng Xi, but everyone knew in their hearts that they could think of Lu. Feng Xi was definitely not the one who had Ming Ming’s fate. Feng Xi assured Lu Yuantong that the real culprit could be found within two days.

Feng Ziyuan was even more unable to support her body after a battle today. The one-month period gradually became shorter. She coughed up blood more severely and fell on the table weakly, but when she heard the voice of Dao music outside, she forced herself again. Forcibly pretending to be unkind and ignorant, rejecting Daoraku’s enthusiasm and concern, speaking more unfeeling words, cruelly pushing him away. Feng Xi who was not far away from the window saw all this in his eyes, and couldn’t help but sigh.

When Lu Zhengming came back alive, then Lu Kang’s testimony would not be self-defeating, and the left minister even gave false testimony to inflict the three princes, and he really didn’t want to be with him. Although the third prince was eager to take down Feng Xi, he still had to use fair and honest means to see everything in his eyes, so he sneaked into Feng Mansion to assassinate Feng Xi late at night, but was captured.

Lu Yuantong saw that this person was actually the person of the third prince Pang Yu. This bureau was set up to provoke the separation of Feng Xi and Lu Yuantong. The top priority is not how to calculate this account back, but to return to Liyun to lead the army as soon as possible. Why worry about the future There is no time to re-enter Kyoto. Feng Xi’s analysis of Lu Yuantong felt that it was reasonable. As long as Feng Xi devised a plan for him, the matter could be done.

Zuo Xiang summoned his subordinate Ying Xiao, and his leader Hong Zhe immediately led people to find Wang Chui’s inn, Wang Chui’s wife and brother Zuo Nei Ying easily grabbed Fu Yuanshan, and afterwards they crossed the river and broke down the bridge. Dongyue was eating lotus seed soup on the street. He remembered that the last thing Feng Xi couldn’t eat was lotus seed, but now it tasted neither bitter nor bitter. Suddenly walking by the left side of the carriage on the side of the street, it was printed with the emblem of the three princes.

She was suspicious of this matter since the last time at Qianqiumen, so she went to Yufeng Pavilion and saw an eagle above Yufeng Pavilion. Soaring in the sky, I saw a group of people coming in with Fu Yuanshan. Could it be that Zuo Xiang had nothing to do with him, but secretly even the three princes had entered. She immediately went to the third prince to talk about poetry and Tao to prevent him from meeting the leftist and other people.

In the evening, the third prince quietly came to Feng Mansion. Feng Xi returned Qingxiao and reminded him to stay away from Zuo. As for the son of Lu Yuantong, if he did not find a scapegoat, Lu Yuantong would be the first to target him, and Zuo There happens to be an eagle, so why not take advantage of such a good backer.

Dongyue and Feng Ziyuan really have their own troubles. Dongyue is obviously worried about Feng Xi, but she has to force herself to be thousands of miles away. The same is true for Feng Ziyuan. Dongyue saw that her love for Dao Le was not what she said, but she also pushed Dao Le again and again. Feng Ziyuan happened to find the picture book Feng Xi drew, and she decided to help it.

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