Black belly Shuangbao coldly affects daddy very tender

Black belly Shuangbao coldly affects daddy very tender (Novel)
Other Name: 腹黑双宝冷情爹地很柔情

Genre: novel, Xian Xia
Author: Yang Huohuo
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Mo Shuiqing and Yang Tianyi are the main characters of this novel. The main plot is summarized: In order to escape the magic cave, Mo Shuiqing died nine times. When she finally got freedom, she fell in love with Yang Tianyi. When she thought happiness was within reach, she accidentally learned that Yang Tianyi was married…

Free Reading:
One year and six months later.

Xiaofan was already babbling and ran away mischievously.

“Xiaofan, be good, if you want to listen to the aunt, my mother went to work, come and kiss.” Shuiqing played with her daughter every day.

Jin Fang helped hire a capable nanny who can take care of the children and cook, which relieved my urgent need and allowed me to go to work with peace of mind after the child’s full moon.

I still live in the small building hidden by the mango tree, and the landlord treats me very well. I have never rushed me to move because of Xiaofan’s crying. This may be my blessing.

I got my undergraduate self-study exam graduation certificate long ago. Today, I have to ask the company to issue a certificate proving that I have been working in this city for more than two years, so that I can figure out a way to solve the hukou for myself, do it myself first, don’t have to worry about Xiaofan’s, and I often feel sorry Daughter, since she was born, she doesn’t even have an official hukou and is still a black child.

I drove the QQ I bought with my own salary and bonus. Although the car is small, it belongs to my own. It’s better than taking the bus, and I can take my daughter out to play on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Xiao Zhang, help me open a certificate, stating how long it takes me to work in the company until now. I want to use this certificate to apply for an account.” I probably talked about my intentions.

“Shuiqing, I’m sorry, I can’t help you issue a certificate.” After doing personnel affairs for so long, Xiao Zhang doesn’t understand what I mean.

“Why? I have social medical insurance deductions from my monthly salary. It is very simple for the company to issue a certificate.” I was puzzled.

“Sorry, I really can’t help you drive.”

“But it doesn’t make sense? Please give me an explanation.”

“This…I am not convenient to say.”

“Then what should I do?” I got angry.

“You can ask Mr. Shang.” She stalled.

It turned out that she was making a ghost.

For more than a year, I have heard more about her and Lu Feng’s family affairs. They were married not long after Xiaofan was born. However, the relationship between the two people seems to be very delicate. There are often news of the cold war between the two people. Everyone has long been surprised. Weird.

Occasionally, she would wear new clothes or new shoes and bring an oversized diamond ring to my office, showing off the gifts Lu Feng bought her. It seemed that she wanted to disturb my mind. I never paid attention to her. Slowly, she didn’t have the energy to come back to my office again. There was nothing left between us except the relationship between employment and employment.

The work has been smooth and the performance is good, and I never provoke her, so she didn’t embarrass me after a long time, but she always wondered her purpose of keeping me in the company, but today it seems that the fox’s tail is showing. .

It’s just that the agreement is still in the suburbs.

When I reached the door, I breathed in hard, took a deep breath and then took a deep breath. I absolutely couldn’t argue with her. The agreement expired in more than one month. I can leave here and never have to look at her strange behavior.

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