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Delicious and Beautiful Wife

Delicious wife
Other names: 美味佳妻
Author: Du Qingruo
Genre: Novel
Release: 2020
Status: 778 Ongoing


“Delicious Wife” picked up a cool, arrogant, handsome and gold… CEO of foodie? Especially the president still wants to remarry her? Chef Lin Xiaoxi said that he did not panic, with one hand in the live broadcast room and the other with the wok, attracting countless spectators. Hey, the president over there, don’t you stop being silly!


Chapter 1 This is not a three-minute business
Chapter 2 Threats
Chapter 3 Agreement
Chapter 4 Please
Chapter 5 Uncomfortable
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 A miserable childhood
Chapter 9 Tucao
Chapter 10 Don’t even need to pay back?
Chapter 11 Rich Second Generation?
Chapter 12 The Game of the Rich
Chapter 13 Small body, no way!
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