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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 3 Recap

Xia Linxi’s first impression of Jiang Zhenghan was a miser. He did not expect that his bicycle was broken and he could repair it, but Jiang Zhenghan did not repair her for free, and asked her to pay for the repair. There is no free lunch in the world. Xia Linxi continued to chase him and asked him to pay for the school uniform, Jiang Zhenghan simply stopped repairing the car, just a word, no school uniform.

Xia Linxi followed Jiang Zhenghan to the Internet cafe. Jiang Zhenghan married her the nickname Little Tail, but he didn’t pay for the school uniform. Xia Linxi took out his assassin and said that he had a phone call from the parents of the class. Jiang Zhenghan was anxious and told Xia Linxi not to call. He could give money, but now he had no cash. Xia Linxi asked Jiang Zhenghan to transfer the money through WeChat. Jiang Zhenghan suddenly received a call from his father. He took the money and asked for leave with the owner of the Internet cafe.

Xia Linxi quietly followed behind and saw Jiang Zhenghan handing the envelope containing the money to an old grandmother. Xia Linxi helped Jiang Zhenghan pay for the school uniform and handed it over to Teacher Zhao. Teacher Zhao reminded Xia Linxi that there will be a provincial leader to visit tomorrow, and he must do well in class discipline.

Gu Xiaoman doesn’t know how to do chemistry problems, so she asks Xia Linxi for advice. She is not reconciled to her grades and does not plan to change science classes easily. Zhang Huaiwu encouraged Gu Xiaoman, no matter how hard you try, don’t give up. Look at Jiang Zhenghan, who is sitting next to him. He is still the last one who studies hard every day. He is very fortunate. Fortunately for Jiang Zhenghan, he will not be the last .

Director Zhang came to the class and reprimanded the whole class because their test scores were too poor. Among the three sprint classes in the school, they were the worst class. Jiang Zhenghan did not listen to Director Zhang. Director Zhang specifically came over to name and name, and confiscated Jiang Zhenghan’s “Introduction to Algorithms”, accusing him of not reading this book in class. Jiang Zhenghan was reluctant and almost quarreled with Director Zhang.

Xia Linxi got the “Introduction to Algorithms” and asked Jiang Zhenghan to change his temper and not to do whatever he wanted in the class. Jiang Zhenghan received a call from Duo Duo Ma and ran out without getting the book. Gu Xiaoman wanted to make an appointment with Xia Linxi for fast food. Xia Linxi said that she could not keep the appointment because of something, and then she went after Jiang Zhenghan.

Xia Linxi quietly followed Jiang Zhenghan and saw him come to the community to play with little sister Duo Duo. Duo Duo found Xia Linxi hiding behind, and Duo Duo’s mother invited the two into the house for dinner. When eating, Xia Linxi would not eat shelled shrimp. Jiang Zhenghan peeled the shrimp to Xia Linxi by himself, with a strange smile on his mouth.

After dinner, Xia Linxi helped Duo Duo mother clean up the tableware and heard about Jiang Zhenghan’s housework. It turned out that Jiang Zhenghan was living in a wealthy family, and his father was the director of the factory. However, because a worker made a mistake in his operation and caused a fire, his father used all the family savings to comfort the wounded and owed a lot of debts.

Jiang Zhenghan withdrew from the original school because of this incident and went to work-study programs every day, helping all the households in the factory. Duo Duo’s mom said that she would take Duo Duo to Chengdu’s grandmother’s house, so she didn’t want to trouble Jiang Zhenghan anymore. Xia Linxi was very impressed and had another opinion about Jiang Zhenghan.

On the way home, after Xia Linxi learned about all this, Jiang Zhenghan told her not to be nosy. Xia Linxi was angry and left. Jiang Zhenghan knew that his tone was too heavy, so he caught up with Xia Linxi and put band-aids on her. Xia Linxi took out his school uniform and hoped that Jiang Zhenghan could put it on and return to campus life and study hard. She also deliberately said that she could not do math problems and asked Jiang Zhenghan to help her make up one more lesson. Jiang Zhenghan asked her to go home first, and then she would come back and change her clothes.

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