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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 4 Recap

When Xia Linxi returned home, Dad Xia bought a lot of beautiful stones for her, and also showed Xia Linxi his photographs. Mother Xia accused Father Xia of not disturbing Xia Linxi’s study. The two quarreled because of this. Father Xia thought that explaining geography to her daughter could broaden her horizons. Mother Xia thought that her daughter should focus on schoolwork in her third year of high school.

When Jiang Zhenghan came to the house, he seemed a little embarrassed to hear Xia Linxi’s parents quarrel. He took out the headphones and put them on Xia Linxi so that she could divert her attention. Father Xia went out directly after the fight, and Xia Linxi said that he was used to it.

After the remedial class, Jiang Zhenghan went to the door of the Internet cafe to find someone to ask for money. Three gangsters drank the Internet cafe Coke and didn’t pay. Chen Yichuan happened to see this scene and thought Jiang Zhenghan was a scumbag, otherwise he wouldn’t be with these people. The gangster was very upset after paying the money, and spit on Chen Yichuan’s limited edition shoes. Chen Yichuan spit out a few words. The gangster began to beat Chen Yichuan and wanted to snatch the shoes he was wearing.

Jiang Zhenghan originally planned to leave, and came up to help after seeing this scene, but Chen Yichuan didn’t expect to appreciate him, and mistakenly thought that Jiang Zhenghan let the gangster rob him, calling him a scumbag or a bad character. Jiang Zhenghan suddenly found out that his school uniform was missing. It is estimated that it was dropped when he was fighting with the punks.

Leaders of the Education Bureau came to Jiangming No. 1 Middle School for inspection, but encountered three gangsters making a noise at the school gate. They deliberately slandered, saying that Jiang Zhenghan not only beat him, but also collected protection fees, and directly threatened Jiang Zhenghan’s school uniform. Director Zhang was helpless, and the leaders of the Education Bureau were very upset about this matter.

Director Zhang came to the class angrily, called Jiang Zhenghan to the office, did not listen to his explanation, and gave a big talk. Originally, Jiang Zhenghan could explain, Chen Yichuan divided the black and white, adding fuel to the fire, saying that he was robbed last night because of Jiang Zhenghan’s instigation. Director Zhang was very angry and reprimanded Jiang Zhenghan for not doing his job properly and losing the face of his parents. Such students should be expelled.

After Jiang Zhenghan returned to the classroom, he was ready to pack his things. Zhang Huaiwu kindly persuaded that Xia Linxi did not believe that Jiang Zhenghan was such a person. Chen Yichuan came to the class to take the lead, saying that Jiang Zhenghan was the black sheep, instructing the gangster to rob him, and calling him a scumbag. This sentence almost angered Jiang Zhenghan.

Xia Linxi wanted to help Jiang Zhenghan very much, but she couldn’t make a call, so she had to come to the Internet cafe. She heard that Jiang Zhenghan might be taken away by Big Fei and came to the chess room regardless of the consequences. Jiang Zhenghan came to the Internet cafe and heard that Xia Linxi was looking for him. He also hurried to the chess room. Unexpectedly, Da Fei appreciated Xia Linxi very much. Xia Linxi helped Da Fei win Mahjong through mental arithmetic. Brother Da Fei promised to let his staff go to school to explain clearly, and let Jiang Zhenghan treat Xia Linxi well.

Jiang Zhenghan was very angry. He was worried that Xia Linxi would be hurt, but he couldn’t help but talk about her. Xia Linxi was also very wronged, saying that everything she did was for Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan said that he was very worried along the way. Xia Linxi hopes that Jiang Zhenghan can admit his mistake to Director Zhang tomorrow, and he must know how to respect his teacher and consider his future.

Jiang Zhenghan confessed his mistake to Director Zhang, but Director Zhang still told him to get out. Jiang Zhenghan wanted to lose his temper. When he thought of what Xia Linxi said, he still bowed his head and confessed his mistake, striving for leniency. Chen Yichuan’s class took the lead in making trouble and wrote a signature proposal to encourage Jiang Zhenghan to leave their class. Jiang Zhenghan wrote a promise that as long as he gets the top 100, he would voluntarily withdraw from the sprint class.

Chen Yichuan satirized Jiang Zhenghan, thinking that he would definitely fail the test. If he could pass the test, he would leapfrog around the playground. Jiang Zhenghan made Chen Yichuan willing to bet. Jiang Zhenghan is ready to review, he himself is not sure whether he can enter the top 100. Xia Linxi wanted to ask Jiang Zhenghan to do more tuition for herself. The two could review together, or they could get him to quit his job in an Internet cafe.

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