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I Seek Love for the Demon Lord

I Seek Love for the Demon Lord (Novel)
Other Name: 我为魔君种情蛊

Genre: novel, Xian Xia
Author: Bai Ya
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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This article mainly tells the emotional story of love and hatred between the two protagonists: Rong Shen always felt that Cheng Xiu was stupid. , So she took good care of him, in order to prevent others from bullying, she also deliberately became a protector. However, Rong Shen recently discovered that the other party is becoming more and more savvy. Not only does he have a plan to deal with the world, he even helps himself deal with some emergency matters. His behavior is very suspicious. Is this man gradually regaining consciousness through his own nourishment?

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Rong Shen raised his eyebrows, fixed his gaze on the so-called Taoist leader, and sneered: “Does the so-called Taoist leader only need to wear a Taoist robe and carry a wooden sword on his back, so that he can kill monsters and catch ghosts?”

Everywhere in her words she expressed her disdain for the Taoist leader in front of her, and she immediately aroused anger.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of a rotten egg flying over, and Rong Shen drew sideways. The rotten egg hit her feet, and a foul smell immediately filled her.

Rong Shen’s face was ugly. Seeing that the other villagers seemed to have been reminded, she reached out and took the things she had brought to throw her away. She hurriedly turned around to open the door, pushed Cheng Xiu into the door, and said, “Go in and don’t come out!”

Rong Shen just closed the door of the small courtyard, and when he turned around, he had an extra long sword in his hand.

“She really is a monster! Dao Chief Mana is powerful!”

“Daoist, take her soon!”

“Youkai! Killing so many people in the village, we want you to pay for your life!”


The villagers who saw this scene became more excited, shouting one by one, and threw the rotten vegetable leaves, rotten eggs, and even donkey hoofs and black dog blood into Rong.

Rong Shen looked at him with a cold face, flipped his wrists and swung out a sword, and there was an enchantment in front of him. When the villagers excitedly threw their contents, they looked at Rong Shen with breath.

Rong Shen also stopped his movements. There was a mess around her, but her body was still clean, without even a drop of black dog blood.

“Youkai … youkai!”

Finding that Rong Shen was not even afraid of black dog blood and donkey hoofs, all the villagers changed their faces and turned their eyes to the Taoist chief, “Daoist, you will soon accept her!”

But the Taoist face changed a few times, but he took a few steps back.

As soon as he retreated, the villagers behind retreated, “Daoist!”

“Dao Master! We mortals can’t hurt her! Now the only one who can subdue her is you!” The village chief flushed with excitement, and the fat on his face shook as he spoke.

Rong Shen narrowed his eyes and looked at the village chief, his eyes flashing coldly.

“This…the poor Dao did his best!” The Dao Master had already received it, and was watched by so many people, and he could only bite the bullet. He pulled out the peach wood sword from his back and took out one side from his arms. Looking at Rong Shen in the gossip mirror, he shouted: “Wonderful! You do a lot of evil! Today, the poor Dao will accept you for the Tian Dao!”

After shouting, he sprinkled the yellow talisman to Rong Shen, and the peach wood sword pierced it.

Rong Shen discovered that these yellow symbols were actually waste paper, with cinnabar painted on them, not to mention it was to her, it was the weakest devil, these papers would not work.

So she stood still, but when the Taoist commander stabbed with the peach wood sword, Rong Shen waved the long sword in his hand and turned his wrist.


The peach wood sword in Dao Master’s hand was broken in two and fell to the ground.

“Pretend to be a god!” Rong Shen sneered, and kicked him.



The so-called Daoist was kicked by her and fell to the ground with a scream.

Rong Shen was provoked by these people a long time ago. After this kick, he used his strength. Dao Chang vomited blood, raised his hand and tremblingly pointed at Rong Shen, and only said the word “you”. He rolled his eyes and fainted.

“Dao Master!” The villagers recovered after seeing this scene, and some people screamed and ran towards the Dao Master.

More people looked at Rong Shen with fear on their faces. Even the powerful Taoist masters could not deal with Rong Shen. Are they all going to die here today?

Seeing that a few people were timid, they turned around and wanted to run, but the fat Taoist chief shouted: “Youkai! Even if you hurt the Taoist chief! We won’t let you go today! You killed our village. There are so many people in there! We fight with you!”

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