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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 31 Recap

Li’s mother felt that there must be a problem between Li Luoshu and his daughter. He didn’t even have a phone call after going out for so long. She was worried that he would go abroad and regret marrying Li Chuyao. His wife comforted her to let her not think about it.

Niu Siyi apologized to him for letting Dale pigeons go yesterday, and Dale also self-reflected that he shouldn’t have drunk so much yesterday. In fact, she could ask him to accompany her to meet the investors. He wanted to confess to her but he couldn’t say what he said. He couldn’t help but feel very upset when he saw Siyi walk away.

Chuyao finally received a call from Han Zimo. She was afraid of affecting Luo Shu’s rest, so she went outside the ward and sat on a chair in the corridor. Zimo apologized to her for so long before contacting her. His father’s cancer will not last long. He has to be by his side. Because his father has done a lot of illegal things, his parents are wanted fugitives now. The contact also didn’t want her to be implicated. He can’t go back for the time being to let her wait for him.

Chuyao didn’t want to listen to this anymore. She couldn’t help crying when she thought of the grievances she had suffered during this time. She thanked Zimo for giving her such a beautiful past. She said that she wanted to hang up, and Zimo hurriedly told her not to hang up.

Ask her what happened. Chuyao cried and said that during this period of time she was scrutinized by the company, her younger brother was seriously injured and hospitalized by the debt collector, and she did not know whether she could stand up in the future. She felt very scared, afraid that she would not have enough money for the operation of her brother, and afraid of him. Unable to stand up, Luo Shu came to the door in a wheelchair in the ward, listening to Chuyao’s words outside, feeling very sad.

Chu Yao asked Zimo where he was when she was most saddened and needed him, and said that they should not have anything to do with him in the future. After that, he hung up and started crying. Then Chuyao wiped away his tears and walked into the ward.

When he saw Luo Shu fell asleep, he walked over to cover him with a quilt and turn off the lights. In fact, Luo Shu was not asleep at all. He opened his eyes and looked at the five flavors in her back. Miscellaneous. When Zimo was secretly hurt for Chuyao, his father suddenly took off the oxygen mask. Zimo hurried over to stop him. Dad asked him if he had contacted Chuyao. He excitedly said that Chuyao was the one who caused him to die. , Is the enemy of the Han family.

At the beginning of the next day, Yao was going to accompany Luo Shu to rehabilitate. Luo Shu said that he could do it by himself, and his practice lasted four hours, and a doctor was here to let her go back to rest.

Later, when he passed the doctor’s office in a wheelchair, he heard Chuyao talking with the doctor inside. The doctor said that rehabilitation is a long process, which may take more than ten years or even a lifetime. Luo Shu secretly made a decision after hearing this. .

It was time for rehabilitation training again that day. Chuyao wanted to send Luo Shu for rehabilitation, but Luo Shu said that she was tired and would not go today and asked her to go back first. Then Luo Shu called Li’s father, and Li’s father came to the hospital with the boiled bone soup. Luo Shu told Li’s father that he was really tired and wanted to be himself, he could not be the early morning of his life.

Father Li felt that it was not the time now, but Luo Shu thought it was the most suitable time. He knew that the Li family felt guilty for him, but he also caused them a lot of trouble during this period. Now they both owe nothing to each other. Father Li felt that they owed him more now, because his sister became like this.

He asked Luo Shu not to push the closest person out. Luo Shu told Li’s father that he likes Chuyao and his father would not agree with them. It would be unfair to him if he continues to stay at Li’s house, and this matter will not be resolved. I’m not in the mood to do rehabilitation training.
Father Li returned home and told Chuyao that Luoshu wanted to be himself and never return to Li’s house.

He knew that Luoshu was worried that he could not stand up and hurt them. All their goodness to him would become a burden and pressure for him. He also said that if If this matter is not resolved, there will be no rehabilitation. Chuyao was anxious and said that he could not stop the rehabilitation training.

When she came to the hospital that day, she was in a bad mood and wanted to push him out for a walk in a wheelchair but was refused. Luo Shu told her that she wanted to be alone. Dale received a call from Chu Yao. She said that Luo Shu was not in a good mood, and she would not be allowed to go if she was not active in rehabilitation, and wanted them to see him.

Later, Dale, Siyi and others came to the hospital. Luo Shu calmly discussed work matters with Zhou Lin and Zhang Yu. Dale and Siyi did not see anything abnormal in Luo Shu after careful observation.

In the evening Li’s mother worried about her son and asked when she would be back early in the morning, and her wife was kind to persuade her. Chuyao was in a mess when she heard their conversation. The next day she went to Lin Yu to tell her concerns. She told Lin Yu that she had broken up with Zimo, and that Luo Shu wanted to leave the house and didn’t want to be Li Chuchen anymore, and she didn’t even want to see it. Lin Yu asked Luo Shu how he was irritated, and Chu Yao said he didn’t want to drag down their family. Lin Yu knew that Luo Shu liked Chuyao, so he asked Chuyao how he felt about him. Chuyao didn’t know how she felt. Lin Yu asked her to face herself honestly and see what she wanted.

In the evening, Lin Yu told Qin Yun about Chuyao and told Qin Yun to ignore Zimo, otherwise he would be punished to kneel and egg. The next day they went to the hospital to read Luo Shu. Lin Yu held the injustice for Chu Yao, saying that Luo Shu was pretending to be decadent here. Chu Yao had just walked out of Zimo’s abyss and the wound had not healed yet, so he sprayed her on her chest again A handful of salt, Luo Shu said he could not go back to this house. Seeing Lin Yu’s words were too direct, Qin Yun pulled her away because he was worried that Luo Shu could not stand it.

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