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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 32 Recap

Shan Yian told Li Chuyao that she was the only one who could persuade Li Luoshu now, and that he had already paid for the rehabilitation expenses for the next three months, and the old rules still deduct from her salary.

Chu Yao felt that the money he owed him would not be enough to pay him a lifetime salary. Shan always had his own plan, and he would let her earn it back from other sources.

Then Chuyao went to see Lin Yu. He heard that Lin Yu scolded Luo Shu badly. Chuyao couldn’t help but blame her for scolding him. His mood was bad enough. Lin Yu felt that both of their siblings had the same stubborn temper. Chu Yao was very upset that all her friends had tried to persuade Luo Shu, but he still did not change his mind.

This day, I went to read Luoshu alone. Luoshu told her that she might never stand up anymore. She just persuaded him not to give up and she would stay with him. Luo Shu assured her that she would not give up and would continue the rehabilitation training, but he also hoped that she could live her own life alone and not waste time on him. He told her not to come again during this time and just listen. very sad.

When she got home, she told Ge Luoshu that she didn’t need her or Chu Yao’s sister. He drove everyone away and she didn’t know what to do. The elder brother said that if she is who Li Luoshu most hopes to show up at this time, what Luoshu needs most now is someone who can break his psychological defense.

Just go to Chuyao and tell her that the person that Luoshu needs most is her. Only she can eliminate his worries, and only she can make the world of Luoshu light up. The two were talking when Chu Yao suddenly received a call from Chang Dalle saying that Luo Shu was going to be discharged from the hospital. He heard Luo Shu’s tone not quite right and asked her to come over and have a look. Chu Yao and Shan rushed to the hospital immediately.

Dale returned to the ward after the phone call. At the door, he saw Luo Shu, who was practicing walking, accidentally fell on the ground and hurried to come to him. Reading Luo Shu was very worried, and Dale sat down beside him. He knew that Luo Shu did not want to drag Chu Yao. He asked Luo Shu if he had thought about the feelings of Li’s family. Luo Shu thought he could not share anything for this family now.

He didn’t want to drag her and Li’s family, so he had to say those The words hurt people, forcing them to leave him, and because he loves Chuyao, he can’t just watch her in pain. Dale felt that Luo Shu’s choice might be another kind of harm to them. Luo Shu knew this so he had to stand up now, only then could he return to that home. He asked Dale to help him do a good job, so that he could financially recover his legs.

At this time, Chuyao and Shandan came, Dale helped Luo Shu into the wheelchair, and Chuyao let Dale and Shandan go out first. She walked to Luo’s writing and squatted down and said that she regretted not accepting his confession. If it is too late now If she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Luo Shu felt that she was pitying him.

Chu Yao told him that I don’t know when, in her heart, he is no longer a younger brother who needs to be taken care of every day, but a real man who makes her tempted and responsible, but she doesn’t want to Admit that she was afraid to escape, tried to fall in love with other people, but she couldn’t do it, so she didn’t want to wait any longer.
Luo Shu said that he couldn’t accept this feeling before he stood up.

If she really cares about him, give him a little space, believing that he can stand up on his own. Chuyao leaned her head on his lap and said that she was waiting for him to put her wedding ring on, waiting for him to propose to her, and she would stay with him anyway, as long as he stopped pushing her away, she couldn’t help but say After crying, Luo Shu stretched out his hand distressedly and touched her head, feeling happy and melancholy.

Dale was very happy to see this scene at the door. He walked to Shan Shan to comfort her. He only shed tears and said that he was happy for the two of them and then turned away.

Lin Yu ran to Li’s house excitedly when he heard about it. Chuyao was afraid that she would miss her in front of her mother, so he hurriedly pulled her to her room. Lin Yu was worried about what to do if Luo Shu couldn’t stand up, Chu Yao said that he would be with him. Lin Yu mentioned that Zimo was engaged to marriage after all, and Chuyao felt that he would not be back. Even if they returned, their wedding was cancelled. She accepted Zimo but was more grateful to him.

Dale told his friends about Luo Shu and Chu Yao, and everyone was happy for them. Zhou Lin and Zhang Yu dragged Dale aside and asked him when he would confess to Siyi. Dale said that he had planned to keep everything under control. Then Dale confessed to Siyi on the swing chair. He also came up with a love agreement, hoping that she could be his forever Party A.

Siyi had accepted him in his heart long ago and signed the agreement. Holding hands together, my heart is very sweet. After Zimo’s father passed away, only their mother and son were left to depend on each other. Zimo asked his mother why Chuyao reported his dad, and his mother complained that his son didn’t believe his dad. He was worried about Chuyao when his father left. She asked him to stay with him. Holding her.

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