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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 33 Recap

Li Luoshu worked hard to recover with Li Chuyao and Shan’s encouragement. He slowly got out of the wheelchair and could move forward on crutches. The murderer who hurt him was also punished by law, and Guo Jiangfeng and Hu Zi were both sentenced. One day six months later, everyone came to see Luo Shu by appointment.

The doctor brought him a new tool to assist in walking. Luo Shu helped him walk a few steps. Everyone was very happy to see that he could go. Luo Shu smiled and looked back at Chuyao. Chuyao ran to him and hugged him. Everyone couldn’t help but applaud for their joy. At this time, Zimo wearing a hat outside the door saw this scene, and he quickly turned and left without stopping.

The prototype of the original product finally came out. After watching the demonstration, Mr. Sun asked when Niu Siyi’s products would be available on the market. Siyi said that for the reputation and quality of the product, he could not be marketed. Mr. Sun wanted products that could be marketed. They are only half-finished products now, and he can’t pay for their dreams, so he left with a sentence when he had the opportunity to cooperate again.

Shan Yian went to Mr. Jia when he knew it, and the two had a very happy conversation. Then Mr. Shan called Siyi so that they don’t have to worry about investing. This investment will be processed as Mr. Jia’s personal angel investor’s initial investment in their original intentions, so that they can do it boldly, Mr. Sun. There is no need to handover, Siyi was very happy to hear it.

Luo Shu is recovering well. The doctor praised him for his perseverance, saying that if he can stand up, he is not far away from walking. He wished him to throw away the crutches as soon as possible, but let him not take it lightly and do regular rehabilitation training.

When he returned home, Chuyao told his father the good news. He also said that Luo Shu would be discharged from the hospital in a few days. His father was very happy and said that this kid Yu had survived. When Chuyao said that Luo Shu was willing to go home to live, her father agreed with her to tell her mother that Chuchen accidentally hurt.
Luo Shu was finally discharged from the hospital. Chu Yao told him to call her sister when he got home.

In front of his parents, he was their eternal early morning. Luo Shu felt that playing Early Morning was much more difficult than before. At the door of the house, Luo Shu was afraid that his mother would see him in a wheelchair, so she asked Chuyao to help him in. It’s been a long time since I saw my son’s mother crying so sadly. She was worried that he would have sequelae. Luo Shu comforted her that it was fine, and he could play in a few days.

When eating, Chuyao only asked him to eat green vegetables, saying that the doctor had let him eat it, and his father said that when he got better, he would give him a large table of vegetables. Mom asked him if he had met a girl who could talk to him while studying outside. Dad said he was busy studying and he could take care of these. Mom said she helped to ask alone. She praised the girl that she was good. Luo Shu said they were just friends, mother. Smiled that boy and girl friends are also friends.

After Luo Shu returned to his room, Chu Yao helped him clean up the table. He planned to go to work in two days. Chu Yao hoped that he would raise him again. Luo Shu didn’t want her to raise him, so Chu Yao decided to go to work and send him off to pick him up. he.

On the second day, Dale came to the company and told everyone that Luoshu would officially go to work tomorrow. Zhou Lin was worried that Luoshu would be disappointed to see that they were clueless. Siyi comforted that they had built the framework according to Luoshu’s thinking As long as they have a definite plan later, they can quickly make products to shorten the optimization time, and their previous efforts are not useless.

Wu Yajun heard that Luo Shu was discharged from the hospital and couldn’t help being surprised that this kid was quite dead. Their current bracelets and neckbands were not selling well, and the secretary worried that Luo Shu would grab the market with them when he came back. Wu Yajun didn’t care that they couldn’t make any money. He could make Luo Shu lose once and he could lose a second time.
Shan Yian wanted to buy the part of Wanhe Real Estate in Long Xiang’s hands.

He asked Chu Yao to be responsible for this project. Chu Yao was a little embarrassed and she didn’t want to go back there. Only when Shan Yian said she was in charge of this project, he was relieved. accepted. Lin Yu and Qin Yun were busy on the rooftop of the bar that day. Han Zimo appeared in front of them. Qin Yun greeted him in surprise, but Lin Yu walked away sternly.

Qin Yun asked him to mourn when he heard that his father had passed away. Zimo said that he came back this time and wanted to clarify something to Chu Yao. Lin Yu angrily counted him down so that he would not disturb Chu Yao in the future. He also said that he had returned the bar to him now when he came back, and then she left angrily.

Then Lin Yu told Chuyao that Zimo had come back, Chuyao said that he hadn’t contacted him, and that they had nothing to do with him anymore. Lin Yu saw that Zimo wanted to ask Chu Yao something but didn’t contact her. He thought he had ulterior motives. She had experienced the most terrible things that Chu Yao felt. These were nothing. After the company listened to his partners’ ideas on the product, Luo Shu told everyone that he had a new idea when he was in the hospital, which is to make a self-service side machine that does not require any hardware.

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