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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 34 Recap

As the project director of Longtian Group, Li Chuyao is responsible for the acquisition of Wanhe Real Estate shares in Longxiang. She introduced the project to the directors and everyone was very satisfied with her performance. Mr. Shan was thankful that she did not misunderstand anyone.
When he returned home in the evening, Chuyao told Luo Shuzimo that he was back, but he did not find her.

He went to find Lin Yu and Qin Yun. His father died, and his parents were carrying a lot of debts and lawsuits. It matters, but when he comes back, things should not be that simple. Luo Shu said that if Zimo dares to come to her, she must tell him that Chuyao asked Luo Shu to agree to her, as long as Zimo can’t provoke them, they will ignore him no matter how much he does, Luo Shu promised Up.

Zimo told Qi Yi that he had consulted with a lawyer. His father’s affairs had nothing to do with him. He was a free man and a businessman. He wanted to make a comeback and let her help him. He asked Qi Yi why his dad had problems with so many projects, no matter who was involved, he could tell.

When Qi Yi mentioned Chu Yao, Zimo was surprised. Qi Yi said that at the beginning, Feiyi’s financial statements for science and technology were found to be problematic. It was Chuyao who told Mr. Guo that Mr. Han had something to do with it. After the internal investigation team investigated, it suddenly broke out that Mr. Han had something with him.

The investigation team chatted in the conference room all day, and the trouble got worse, and then she went to Longtian Capital. Zimo knew that Longtian Capital was Longxiang’s old rival. Qi Yi told him that Chu Yao is now the project director of Longtian Capital and is now responsible for acquiring the shares of Wanhe Real Estate in Longxiang’s hands. Zimo asked Qi Yi to find someone to watch Following the acquisition and Chu Yao’s movements, he gave Qi Yi a bank card as a reward.

This day, I came to Chuxin Technology alone. Not only did she bring some delicious treat partners, she also invited everyone to go to a bar party on the weekend as a team building. Everyone was very happy to hear it. On this weekend, Luo Shu took Chuyao to the party together. The waiter brought a cake.

After placing a candle, she told them to order this cake. One is to celebrate Luo Shu’s recovery to health, and the other is to wish the beginning of the heart better and better. , The third is to say goodbye to her. Everyone was surprised when they heard it. He just smiled and said that he should leave after having been here for so long.

Niu Siyi asked Shan why she had to leave. He just glanced at Luo Shu and said that he had a higher goal, that is, to be a world-class violinist. Everyone raised their glasses to wish her an early success. In fact, Shan is still sad, but she told Luo Shu that she just made a wish for the happiness of him and Chu Yao.

After the party, Chu Yao helped Luo Shu to come out but ran into Zimo. He wanted to chat with Chu Yao, but Chu Yao coldly said that there was nothing to talk about between them. Seeing she was leaving, he grabbed him. She, Luo Shu stepped forward and pushed him away to make him farther away from Chu. When he returned home in the evening, Luo Shu called Zimo to meet him the next day, and Zimo set the location on the bar rooftop.

The next day Luo Shu came to the bar as scheduled, but Lin Yu saw him behind him. She had come to hand over the bar with Zimo. Lin Yu quickly called Chuyao, and Chuyao, who was working in the company, hurried to the bar immediately. On the rooftop of the bar, Zimo looked at Luo Shu’s inconvenient walking legs and asked him if he was recovering well. Luo Shu said lightly that it was okay. He came this time just to tell Zimo that Chuyao finally walked out of the shadow of his house and told Zimo not to disturb her again.

Zimo felt that there were some things he and Chu Yao had to tell him face-to-face. He heard that Luo Shu and Chu Yao were together, and he was deceived by the two of them under their noses. He went after Chu Yao like a fool and said they were His sister and younger brother are disgusting. Hearing Zimo’s words insult him and Chu Yao, Luo Shu was very angry and knocked him to the ground with a fist.

At this time, Chuyao rushed over, Zimo stood up and laughed at Luo Shu, who was a lame how to take care of Chuyao. Chuyao said that no matter what Luo Shu did, she would be with him, so he helped Luo Shu go. After that, Lin Yu came over and gave him the bar list, and told him not to disturb Chu Yao’s life in the future.

Later, Chuyao returned the engagement ring to Zimo. She hoped that this was the last time they met, and they would be regarded as passersby in the future. Zimo asked her if she had loved him. Chu Yao said that she had never loved him, and now she has found someone she really loves. Zimo was sad when he heard that, he couldn’t help but think of his father saying that Chuyao was the enemy of the Han family, and what Qi Yi said to him. He still had many questions that he hadn’t solved, so he went to the Li family.

The mother couldn’t help being very annoyed when she saw him. She asked him excitedly where he had been during this period of time and why he abandoned Chuyao. Zimo explained that his father was in a lawsuit, and he didn’t contact him because he was afraid of hurting her.

Want to make up for Chuyao, want to save his love and marriage. Mother Li called her daughter and asked her to come back quickly. When Chu Yao and Luo Shu returned home, they couldn’t help being surprised when they saw Zimo. Chu Yao didn’t want to talk to him, saying that he would call the police if he didn’t leave.

After Zimo left, Li’s mother complained that her daughter didn’t give others a chance to explain. Luo Shu said that his father had broken the law and wanted to blame his sister. Chuyao bitterly said that he knew people and didn’t know his heart.

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