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Long Thousand Years Tears

Long Thousand Years Tears (Novel)
Other Name: 悠悠千年泪

Genre: novel, Xian Xia
Author: unknown
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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In order to get the sincere treatment of the beloved, Ren Xuanji gave up her life only to win the other’s smile, but the cruel man threw her into the snake altar for other women. Let the snake swallow it, and the scene is bloody and amazing.

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Xuanji thought she was dead, and when she got off Huangquan, she would be able to see her mother and the child she had never seen before.

She slowly opened her eyes…

What shook in front of her eyes was: “Fairy, Fairy White Snake…”

“Xuanqing… Scarlet Girl…”

Xuanji didn’t expect to see them alive.

Xuan Qing and Fei Nu have red eyes.

If it hadn’t been for them and the small white snakes to arrive in time, Fairy White Snake would have swallowed.

“Fairy, why are you so stupid? The black snake spirit damn it, but you can’t die.”

Xuan Qing and Fei Nu knelt on Xuan Ji’s bedside.

Xuanji discovered that this was not her White Snake Palace.

here is……

Yujunlin’s bedroom, under her is also the dragon bed of Yujunlin.

Once, they appealed to each other in this dragon bed every night, but now every memory is painful and hurt.

Xuanji sat up, she was leaving here.

Yu Mochen appeared at the door, “Manny, your body is healed, don’t walk around.”

Xuanji looked at Yu Mochen. She remembered that he was injured by Yujun Lin’s sword and was still held by someone. “General Jade, did you escape?!”

Xuanji jumped out of bed at once.

Although she didn’t want to care about the chaos in the world, this person had protected her.

“General Jade, I will protect you from the palace.”

Who says snake spirits have no love? !

Yu Mochen stopped in front of Xuanji, “Mother, the emperor has regained his consciousness, and the snake venom in his body has completely dissipated with the demise of the black snake spirit.”

Is King’s Landing sober? !

Xuanji failed to show a smile. She only knew that if the man regained his senses, then he had committed the blood debts that exterminated humanity. Did he remember…coming? !

“Where is Royal King’s Landing?!”

“The emperor has gone to the Great Buddha Temple, and asks you a hundred days of blessing for the mother of Xuanji.”

Hundred Days of Fortune: According to the custom between husband and wife in Xixia Kingdom, if one of the spouses is seriously ill, then the other spouse will go to the temple, eat a fast for a hundred days, and read the Buddhist scriptures in order to ask for blessings for his husband and doubt his wife.

I heard that Bairifu is very effective.

So she woke up, could it be a hundred days later? !


Xuanji fell asleep for a hundred days and nights.

Because she wanted to die, Xuan Qing, Fei Nu, and the crowd of little snake girls couldn’t wake her up.

“Mother, the emperor knows that he was wrong, can you forgive him?”

Yu Mochen asked Xuanji.

One sentence of knowing a mistake would offset two lives? !

Xuanji wanted to laugh, but couldn’t laugh, “Why do people who want to die should save? Me and him, humans and snakes have different paths, as early as a thousand years ago, I shouldn’t just go it alone, it’s me, it’s me who killed innocent lives. My mother, my son…”

Xuanji shed tears of sadness.

There was a tall man standing outside the hall, his eyes were also red.

Yujunlin heard Xuanji’s words clearly and plainly. She didn’t forgive him. She regretted falling in love with her, but he didn’t blame her. It was because he was bewitched by the snake spirit and couldn’t find his reason, so he helped him to abuse him. …He actually used such cruel torture to deprive Jiang Yan of his life, and…he and Xuanji’s children, their own flesh and blood…It was he who killed the dead and threw them into the night sky…He is not a human…

The sins he committed cannot be repaid by Sanshengsanshi…

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