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Love Someone for Nine Hundred Years

Love someone for nine hundred years (Novel)
Other Name: 爱一个人九百年时间, Love a Person for Nine Hundred Years

Genre: novel, Xian Xia
Author: Wan Xiaoyan
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Feng Qingyao and Nangong Jue (the original protagonists Qingyue, Mo Yi). The story mainly tells: On the Nine Heavens, on the Three Life Stones, Feng Qingyao has been in love alone for 900 years. Perhaps in the eyes of others, she can overcome everything freely without being accompanied, but the pain and torment in her heart is only known by herself, humble She was in love with Nangong Jue, and she wanted to reach the end of her life, but the response she waited so hard did not come. It turned out that Feng Qingyao’s love was paid wrong after all. It turned out that loving Nangong Jue was really wrong from the beginning.

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Feng Qingyao slept for nine hundred years, but never left from the bottom of his heart…

She drank the fairy wine in the jade pot, and her grievances and pains had nowhere to vent.

Now only these fairy wines can comfort oneself.

Recalling the infinite indifference of Nangong’s absolute self in the past nine hundred years, Feng Qingyao’s uncomfortable heart spread to her limbs.

She is going crazy.

Go crazy because of loving someone.

Feng Qingyao dropped the jade pot, and Yu Feng flew towards the Hall of Recalling Snow.

The Hall of Recalling Snow tonight is extremely cold.

The blue light shrouded in the ice coffin reveals the bone-eroding chill.

Feng Qingyao gathered the robe on her body, but still couldn’t bear the biting cold here.

The three drops of effort to maintain the immortal body are now only the last drop, and with the addition of the killing of Xiantai, she has only half a lifetime to cultivate, and she can’t resist the chill here.

“Puff–” A mouthful of blood spurted out, condensing into blood-red ice flowers on the ground.

Each one is so miserable.

Feng Qingyao’s whole body was crumbling, but she still walked towards the ice coffin drunk…”Feng Qingyao!” Behind Nangong shouted absolutely panic.

Feng Qingyao was startled, she was really too weak now, and she didn’t even know when Nangong would definitely come to Yixuedian.

She turned around with a slight smile on her lips.

He came to her.

He finally took the initiative to find her.

“A Yi…” She smiled and walked towards him staggeringly.

Feng Qingyao just wanted to stretch out her hand to hug the man in front of him by the drunkenness, but with a furious look on his face, she was once again driven into the ice cellar.

“If you dare to move this freezer, I will definitely throw you into Zhuxiantai!” He warned angrily.

Between the lines, there is full of hatred.

Xueyuan is already dead, is this vicious woman still reluctant to let her go?

Feng Qingyao’s face paled a little, and she was about to lose her footing due to Nangong Jue’s icy words.

“Do you think…I’m here to hurt Xueyuan?” she asked sadly.

Nangong sneered absolutely, and continued to speak cruel words like a blade.

“His Royal Highness Feng Qingyao, don’t pretend to be innocent… If you have a kind, use a meteor whip to pierce my shoulder blades, or bloodbath the entire Lingxiao Pavilion! In this way, I can tell the emperor everything so that he can annul our marriage! “

Feng Qingyao took a few steps back in disbelief, no trace of blood on her pale cheeks.

“You…how can you think of me like this…I have liked you for thousands of years, so how can I be willing to hurt you…” Her voice was full of despair and pain.

Feng Qingyao walked to Nangong Jue precariously, with a look of distress on her face.

She didn’t know what to say to make him believe in herself.

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