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Peerless Emperor of the City


Qin Heng, a cultivator of modern earth, a peerless genius! Refining Qi at the age of seven…Return to emptiness at the age of ten… At the age of fifteen, you will become a fairy! At the age of nineteen, he proclaimed that the Tao is eternal, supreme, crushing the heavens, arbitrarily forever, and known as the immortal emperor! In order to get one step closer, he shattered the void, but reborn himself in a parallel world, a super rich second generation with a net worth of trillions! Since then, the gods are infinite, hanging and hitting everything, the beautiful women around them are like clouds, and the flowers are all over!

Peerless Emperor of the City
Associated Names: 都市之绝世仙帝
Meteor Zhou
Genres: Martial Arts, Cultivation
Year: 2019
Status: 1040 completed

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