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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 40 Recap

Guan Neihou was imprisoned for his crimes. The so-called crime was a deliberate planting of the concubine. Even Ying Dai dared to point fingers at him, threatening to let him understand the fate of offending him. The triumphant appearance of that villain, how evil his behavior and vulgar words are, is really disgusting.

Upon hearing the news, Ying Liao was furious, and rushed to Xiangfu to find Lu Buwei to discuss rescue. Zhao Xie went to report to Lai Ming and brought him out of the restricted palace. At this time, the Changxin Hou’s Mansion was singing and dancing, and the main hall was full of wine and meat. Even if Lu Buwei and Yingzai came to the door in person, at most they pretended to be a gift, but did not have any respect.

Facing the two powerful officials and clan relatives, Lai Ming not only didn’t put them in his eyes, but even ranted that he would destroy the Six Nations. Ying Lai heard the sarcasm about Lu Buwei’s commitment to her behavior, and was so angry that he drew his sword against her neck.

Seeing this, the doormen on both sides started to move, and the two sides were at a stalemate, and the atmosphere became anxious. Lu Buwei acted as a peacemaker, and quickly stopped Ying Li’s impulse, and showed his good wishes to him, asking him about the whereabouts of Guan Neihou. Taking into account the status of Guan Neihou, Lai Lu sober up a little bit, and simply took Lu Buwei and Ying Sui to Xianyang Prison.

However, at this time Guanneihou was suffering from the humiliation of Yingyu, but he would rather die than surrender, biting the opponent with his mouth open. Guan Neihou became angry from shame, and immediately ordered the jailer to encircle him. The old Guan Nei Hou couldn’t help being beaten up and died on the spot.

Ying Xi found that Guan Nei Hou was dead, and suddenly felt bad. It happened that Ling Wei and others were coming in from outside. Knowing that she had caused a terrible disaster, Ying Lai took the opportunity to escape and hid aside, only to see Ying Lai seeing Guan Neihou’s corpse, defeating Lai Lai like crazy, and vowed not to share the sky with him. As everyone left, Lu Buwei stood alone in the prison, unable to calm down for a long time.

Li Si reported to Yingzheng about the murder of Neihou. Yingzheng never expected such a situation and shocked Yingyu to act boldly. By the way, he told Li Si to pay attention to Yingyu at all times and be sure to suppress the anger of the clan.

He was so angry that he couldn’t win her, so when he entered the palace, he was meeting Weiyang Jun’s wife, Xiao Zi. Knowing that Xiao Zi had the flesh and blood to win, he still raped her in the carriage. After the incident, Xiao Zi returned to the mansion in despair. She made up her mind to tell Ying Nai the secrets of Lai Lu and Zhao Ji, and then committed suicide by jumping into the well in front of him.

With the pain of losing his wife and child, Ying-Lai was filled with grief and indignation, and immediately led the clan members to fight for life and death with the maid. Just as a group of mighty rushing to the gate, Ying Sheng ran back from the outside to fight against death, begging Ying Xi to refrain from impulsiveness, and never let the old Qin clan perish, and let him plan for a long time.

Zhao Ji persuades her to confess Yingyu to protect herself, but she values ​​her brother’s loyalty and refuses to let him die. When the palace lady green learned the news of her sister’s murder, she hurriedly told Zhao Ji the reason. She was afraid that the palace lady green would spread the secret, so she hurriedly pursued and stabbed her to death.

As a result, the matter is quite involved and has gradually moved into an unpredictable situation. Ying Zheng discussed with Li Si, Wang Wan and others to close the network as soon as possible and arrange the deployment of various forces. Yingyu accidentally killed Guan Neihou, causing Changxin Hou Lai and the clan to completely turn around. According to the Daqin law, he should have been guilty of death, but Li Si made plans and pointed out a way to survive.

When Ye Yingyu entered the palace alone, he truthfully informed Ying Zheng of the causes and consequences of the palace scandal, including Lu Buwei colluding in charge of the corruption of the temple’s exemption from castration, so that he served Zhao Ji as a male and gave birth to two sons. Secretly raised in Ganquan Palace. Ying Zheng was shocked and immediately sent someone to look after Ying Yu. He ran to Gan Quankou in the rain to find out, but stopped at the door, and then exited outside the Xiangbang Mansion.

The night was long and sad. Ying Zheng resisted hesitation and anger. The reason why he didn’t rush in to ask questions was that the crisis would become more serious and the situation would be more difficult to deal with. However, no matter how to face this result in the future, it would be a shame for Qin and himself that he could not wash away the snow. He still had to endure for a while, and he could only control life and death if he got the power by himself.

Above the court hall the next day, Ying Nai took a dagger and wore a plain suit and knelt down in the hall. In front of many civil and military ministers, Ying Nai angrily accused her of killing innocent people. Unexpectedly, Lai Lu took out Guanneihou’s confession and framed him and admitted to the assassination.

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