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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 41 Recap

As a dagger fell into the eyes of everyone, there was no need to respond, and saw the sharp blade of the dagger hit the neck of Lai Lu, Ying Lai angrily accused him of harming the country and the people, bad Qin Fa, and knew that Lai Chu was not a monk. Just as he bitterly scolded and almost told the scandal between Lai Lu and Zhao Ji, Ying Zheng was desperate, and he used Lu Lu Jian to cut off Ying Lai’s right arm.

Seeing this shock, no one dared to step forward except Yingsheng. Lu Buwei has always been calm, but now that the incident happened suddenly, he was a little at a loss. He was dumbfounded for a long time, until Li Si announced that he would withdraw from the court, and he was relieved.

Seeing that had caused a catastrophe, Lu Buwei personally came to the Weiyang Monarch’s Mansion, seemingly to visit Yingzhao, by the way, he proposed to work with the clan to deal with the goal of Zheng Dynasty. However, Yinglai knows that Lu Buwei is one of the thieves who arrogate power to disrupt the country, so he did not directly smash the relationship, but instead wanted to use Lu Buwei’s hand to eradicate.

After the two reached a consensus, Lu Buwei left Weiyang Jun’s Mansion, met Zhao Ji in the palace, and persuaded Lao Lao to be nominated away from Xianyang. Unexpectedly, she refused and refused to easily hand over her hard-won glory and wealth, but Lu Buwei reminded Zhao Ji to recognize the reality. Her position as queen dowager was rewarded by someone with a surname. It means to succeed in the clan and lose to the clan.

Fearing chaos in the clan, Yingzheng decided to take advantage of this to provoke him. Not only did he get the support of the other party, he could also solve his worries. At this time, the son Yingyu has been released by Ying Zheng. Just as he was preparing to return to the mansion, Wei Hong seemed to have been waiting for a long time and invited him to get together in private.

The two were sitting around the case and treating each other frankly. Wei Hong took the token that Wei Yan gave to Yingyu, and identified himself and expressed his willingness to support him in the Xianyang chaos. Once Yingyu succeeds in overthrowing Yingzheng, he will Wei Yan married to Qin and believed that the marriage of Qin and Wei would be invincible.

Therefore, after the incident, Qin Guoying’s clan surnamed one after another, including several generals in the border hurried back. Everyone was in the same hatred and prepared to enter the palace to crusade against her. As a result, before he left, he saw Ying Zheng personally come to the door, and immediately told Yingzha his thoughts about the chaos, and at the same time expressed his desire to regain the royal power.

Yingnai didn’t want to watch Qin being eaten by her maidens, but Yingzheng wanted to get rid of the evil more than he did, so the real root lies in Xiangbang. Yingzheng took the lead in playing the emotional card, and was grateful for his salvation over and over again, and also shaved his mind in public. Yingzhe knew Yingzheng’s thoughts and was deeply admired, and took the ancestors to vow to live and die with Qin Wangzheng.

In the inner palace, Li Si paid a visit to Zhao Ji, pretending to be clear about Yingzheng’s mother’s intentions, and also begged Zhao Ji and Lai not to be held accountable for Yingxi. She was so happy when she heard the words, and mistakenly believed that Ying Zheng cut off Ying’s arms because she was partial to Zhao Ji, so she acted more unscrupulously, and even Zhao Ji believed that it was true and was deeply gratified.

Zhao Yan learned of the situation in Qin’s civil unrest based on his investigations, and simply ordered Guo Kai to inform Guo Dan, no matter what method he used, he must be used by Zhao Guo. After Guo Dan received the news, he decisively prepared a generous gift to visit Lao Lai, and by the way, she sat down.

Zheng Huo thought about it again and again, and simply frankly told Lu Buwei about instigating the assassin to assassinate the woman. He would like to apologize with death. Lu Buwei listened to the situation with a heavy face and immediately ordered Zheng Yi to kill the surviving assassins. But when he learned that Lai Mu was negotiating with Ying Yu to rebel, he suddenly realized that, and then wept in grief, and finally understood that Lai Mu was not good at Ying Zheng. It is a pawn to eradicate oneself.

Ying Yu went to Wei without the king’s order and confessed his selfish intentions to Wei Wangzeng. When Li Si learned about it, he stopped and ordered someone to investigate the proton situation in various countries. However, Ying Zheng came to Ganquan Palace alone and found two young children playing in the palace.

Ling Yao made a wooden sword for her two sons. Suddenly, she found Ying Zheng appeared, and he was so scared that he was sitting on the ground. Zhao Ji did the same. The two stared blankly at Ying Zheng picking up the wooden sword on the ground, compared with the Lulu sword they wore with them. No matter the pattern shape is exactly the same, its meaning is self-evident.

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