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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 42 Recap

In the Ganquan Palace, Zhao Ji was trembling all over, looking at Ying Zheng with extreme horror, but tried to protect the two young sons, and hurriedly ordered the maid to take them away. Seeing this behavior, Ying Zheng’s heart was completely cold, and he immediately scolded Lai Lu and left him and Zhao Ji in the main hall.

Knowing that the Dongchuang incident had occurred, Lai had no room for maneuver, so she simply called Wei Wei Zhao Die to take the opportunity to kill Yingzheng and replace it. At first Zhao Li hesitated. After all, this was a crime of treason, but when Lai Lu promised to be noble and rewarded, he finally gave in to the powerful and encircled Ganquan Palace.

The lady originally thought that the plan would be foolproof, but the court lady Yan passed by and heard it. Perceiving the danger looming, Ying Zheng simply pulled Zhao Ji out, and the mother and son walked side by side. If they did not carefully study the content and expressions of the conversation, they would look more like mothers and sons in the eyes of outsiders.

At the moment Zhao Ji is by Ying Zheng’s side, so Lai can only give up temporarily and stop the assassination. Zhao Ji begged Yingzheng to let her go, and allowed her to return to Yongcheng with her and her two sons. However, Yingzheng did not respond. After he left, Zhao Ji sternly reprimanded her for the assassination of Yingzheng.

After all, Ying Zheng is Zhao Ji’s own flesh and blood, and Handan has been dependent on each other for a number of years. Therefore, Laoya dare not rashly contradict, and simply pretends to apologize and promises that he will never hurt the king in the future. In fact, he secretly plans again. Li Mu received Zhao Wangyan’s letter and immediately deployed operations, ready to cooperate with Lai’s operation.

Just as the foreign thief intends to steal the country, Ying Zheng is also secretly deploying a strategy. Previously, his rage into the Ganquan Palace was also part of the plan. Now that the bait has been hanging down the lake for many days, it should be the key to pulling the anchor and closing the net. Because Hu Fu and Wang Xi were not in Yingzheng’s hands, fortunately, the Meng family army was willing to listen to the order. Yingzheng asked Wang Wan to investigate Qin Ting’s hundreds of officials privately, and be sure to find out who the enemy is.

So when things happened, Zhao Ji didn’t know how to face Ying Zheng. She persuaded Zhao Ji to make preparations first, and then gave an example of the previous two kings who died violently one after another. If one day Yingzheng was absent, it would be better to make her own child king. This would also preserve Zhao Ji’s status as the queen mother, not like Huayang Like the Queen Mother.

The chaos of the Qin Dynasty gradually surfaced, and Lao Lao recently gave gifts to hundreds of officials to win people’s hearts. Her close friend, Zuo Ge Ji, was also transferred to Lishan Daying and became a deputy. If you look at it with ordinary eyes, you will openly commit this deadlock before planning, which is obviously extremely stupid and tantamount to showing your ambition to the court.

However, it is not only Zhao Ji who can make her so daring to face off against Ying Zheng. Therefore, Li Si took Yingyu back to the mansion and asked him if he could gain from passing through the three advances, and Yingyu was perfunctory, which made him instantly understand.

The crown ceremony was set on Yiyou Day in April, and Zhao, Wei, and Han planned to use this opportunity to attack the Qin realm and then draw away the main force of the Qin army near Xianyang. Laiyi felt that the time was too hasty and hesitated a little, but he didn’t have a proper way. Just as I was hesitant to decide, Ying Zheng unexpectedly took the initiative to attack, slipped into the sleeping hall alone in the middle of the night, and hung a Lu Lu sword on the top of the curtain, pointing directly at my confidant.

Because of Yingzheng’s weird behavior, the maiden felt terrified and determined to eradicate it. Until the next day after the meeting of the dynasties, Lai Lu gathered all the clients in the Changxinhou Mansion, frankly confessed his relationship with Zhao Ji in public, and publicized his thoughts about the plan. During a short period of time, the doormen expressed their loyalty, and even inspired the people with Tian He’s allusions, and supported the establishment of the Qin State with a surname.

Dong’er is over marriageable age and should marry early, but she secretly promised Yingzheng a few years ago, but now she no longer has any expectations, so she begged Zhao Jiyun to leave the palace to marry Li Xin. Zhao Ji knew that Li Xin was Yingzheng’s childhood playmate. His father died to save the first king. He was considered a good match regardless of his character or life. He simply no longer forced Donger and Yingzheng’s marriage too much. .

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