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Rebirth of Datang as Prince

Rebirth of Datang as Prince (Novel)
Other Name: 重生大唐做太子, Rebirth of the Tang Dynasty as the Crown Prince

Genre: novel, Xian Xia
Author: Nankong Second Throw
Year: 2020
Chapter: ongoing
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the 21st century history graduate student woke up and traveled to ancient times and became the prince of the Tang Dynasty. The rapid change in identity shocked Li Hao, even though he knew the capital of the Tang Dynasty. What an accident has happened, but this kind of immersive feeling is the first time I have it. If it weren’t for my knowledge of the wonders of various countries, this surprise would surely become a miserable sharp edge to torment myself.

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Li Shimin was surrounded by the eunuch and several princes, and his face blushed. In any case, I am also the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, and I am embarrassed to lose face at my grandma’s house.

However, the emperor is the emperor after all, and Li Shimin quickly recovered his state, still majestic. He looked up at the Ninth Prince Li Hao, who was standing with his head bowed, and the anger in his heart instantly dissipated.

This child is exactly the same as he just entered the palace, timid and weak!

He didn’t know that Li Hao lowered his head and chatted with a group of emperors in the group.

Li Shimin looked at Li You who was still arrogantly reprimanding Li Hao at this moment, and a dull expression appeared on his face: “Li You, you leave me!”

“Listen to what you are saying? He is also your brother anyway. You rant, do you want brothers to smash the wall? Isn’t the disaster in the past not enough for you to warn you, and you have to commit brotherhood! If you remark like this again, you won’t have to take the school exam!”

Li You Kuli replied timidly: “Father, my son is wrong.”

The other princes breathed in silence, but fortunately, he almost said that like that fool Li You just now.

Li Shimin still cares about the brothers’ wall. In his words, not all of the things in the former Sui Dynasty were mentioned, but he was afraid that the Xuanwumen incident would happen again.

Datang has finally settled down, as it is said that the time is not as good as the place, and the place is not as good as the people. Even if their Datang was favored by God, they could not withstand the great internal changes.

Li You didn’t expect that he felt it was a touching and generous word, somehow it became a “brotherhood wall” in Father’s ears?

Moreover, even if he was wrong, the father shouldn’t scold himself in front of so many people and let him lose face.

“Li Hao, sit down too.” Li Shimin pointed to the empty seats next to the princes.

Although Li Hao was born dull, he was still Li Shimin’s child, and Li Shimin still felt a little guilty for him.

As soon as Li Shimin changed his sharp gaze, his gaze at Li Hao instantly softened, and he said with a heartfelt voice, “Emperor, I know that you have suffered hardship outside the palace these years. But now that you are in the palace, your father will teach well. You, you are my son, you should have the majesty and aura that the royal family should have, you know?”

Li Hao still lowered his head and nodded slightly when he heard Li Shimin’s words.

Seeing Li Hao still the same, Li Shimin shook his head. He also understands that this child has been living outside the palace since he was a child, and that the life in the palace has not yet adapted, so take it easy. I believe he will definitely change after a long time.

But Li Shimin never thought that Li Hao’s silence was just because he didn’t want to talk to him.

After all the princes were seated, Li Shimin mentioned the dragon robe and walked up the steps to sit on his own case and said: “Now that everyone is there, the school exam will begin.”

“The subject of this school exam is: If you were the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty in our Li family, how would you make my Tang Dynasty rich and powerful?”

Upon hearing this, Prince Li Chengqian felt unhappy again.

What is meant by “You are the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty in my Li family today”? Shouldn’t this kind of school test questions be directly tested on him? Why let a few of them blend in?

Who is the Prince of Tang Dynasty? What does the father mean by doing this?

Dissatisfied with dissatisfaction, school exams still need to perform well, Li Chengqian fell into contemplation.

Li Shimin was aware of the dissatisfaction of the prince Li Chengqian. In fact, this school exam was actually testing him alone.

You are the prince, the prince I told the world, isn’t this enough to give you peace of mind?

Li Shimin shook his head and sighed. It seemed that the prince was still too young. To become the king of a country, you need to make achievements in the arts of culture and martial arts, if not, it is not enough to calm the world! How can you afford to govern the world?

Li Shimin believes that people can grow only in difficult situations.

Now you Li Chengqian is the prince, but there are still a few princes watching you.

If you are not good, you can only get out!

I hope you can understand the pains of the father!

Li Shimin has looked at the other princes, and each of them is immersed in thinking about how to realize the prosperity of the country and the strong people?

The rest of the princes knew that this school exam was a good opportunity. If he can stand out in this school exam, his father will take a high look at himself in the future, and he will be one step further away from the throne!

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