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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 3 Recap

Feng Sen decided to treat Lao Wang as an informant for a long time and generously gave Lao Wang a stack of money. Lao Wang accepted the money, changed his attitude towards Feng Sen, nodded and bowed his head and was willing to serve Feng Sen. Feng Sen got up and left. Pharaoh talked with his lover on the phone and lied that he beat Feng Sen all over the floor to find teeth. Huang Yuhong wanted to curry favor with Zhang Youcheng at the banquet, looking for opportunities to bribe. Zhang Youcheng saw Huang Yuhong’s thoughts and proposed to discuss with Huang Yuhong in the office another day.

Huang Yuhong put a warm face on the cold bench, and had to toast Zhang Youcheng’s son Zhang Yiwei. Zhang Yiwei clinked glasses with Huang Yuhong. He apologized to Huang Yuhong on behalf of his father. Huang Yuhong pretended to be nothing wrong, and left the back of the box with green colors. Zhang Youcheng walked out of the box and told his subordinates to give all the precious gifts presented by Huang Yuhong to the hotel staff. Huang Yuhong walked to the back kitchen of the hotel accompanied by his confidant , Witnessed the famous wine he gave to Zhang Youcheng was mewed by the employees.

The confidant thought of a way to commute Huang Yuhong’s son Huang Sihai’s sentence, and Huang Yuhong’s love son was eager and accepted his confidant’s proposal. Huang Sihai received a note in prison. The writer told Huang Sihai to create chaos in the prison and took the opportunity to transfer the prison. Huang Sihai tore up the note and caused chaos in the prison. The prison chief rushed to the scene of the incident, and a prisoner confirmed that Huang Sihai had hidden the murder weapon.

The prison governor decided to investigate Huang Sihai’s fight in prison. Huang Sihai was indifferent, denying that he had hidden the weapon in private, and he did not admit that he was fighting. The prison chief claimed that he would call the surveillance and check the fight clearly. Huang Sihai was still not deterred, and his calm expression reminded the prison chief to investigate. Zhang Youcheng returned home and once again stated his position to his wife. He knew that his wife and children used his identity to make ill-gotten gains in Haiping City. He himself hates speculation and makes money, and clearly opposes his wife and children to make money. Zheng Rui received his brother in the office.

The brother came this time and wanted to transfer Huang Sihai to the prison under Zheng Rui. Zheng Rui complained repeatedly. The prison he manages has many murderous prisoners, such as Shen Guangjun, who committed murder. However, Zheng Rui agreed to take Huang Sihai in due to his brother’s love. Feng Sen took the bus out, and a young man provoke a young man. The young man could not bear to threaten the young man. The young man did not change his face and reminded the young man that he would be sent to prison if he beat someone. Feng Sen followed and reminded young men that they really shouldn’t beat the juvenile.

If the juvenile is injured, the young men will naturally not be able to eat. Feng Sen got off the car and entered the village, and found Hu Xuemo outside the village. He wanted to help Hu Xuemo reverse the case for his son. Hu Xuemo expressed friendly intentions to Feng Sen. Other scammers spoke unreliable and ran the train with their mouths full. Although Feng Sen was also suspected of being deceived, some of what he said could appeal to Hu Xue. Moth’s favor. Not long ago, the boy who took the bus with Feng Sen appeared.

The boy hit Hu Xuemo with a small stone. Feng Sen complained about Hu Xuemo’s injustice, but Hu Xuemo didn’t bother to find a young man to settle accounts. Instead, he decided to turn big things into small things. Feng Sen disagreed with Hu Xuemo’s point of view. He reminded Hu Xuemo that if he is not tough, It is even more impossible to rescue his son who is serving his sentence in prison.

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