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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 4 Recap

Luo Xinran and Xiong Shaofeng went to the Hu Xuemo residential area to inquire about the whereabouts of Hu Xuemo. Hu Xuemo led Feng Sen to the house. She had a spare house at home, and she did not plan to rent it out, but kept it for herself. Feng Sen followed Hu Xuemo back home. There was a toy of Hu Xuemo’s granddaughter in the house. The granddaughter has disappeared and her whereabouts are unknown. Zhang Yiwei was invited by Huang Yuhong to attend the party in the evening.

A woman named Qiao Yi caught Zhang Yiwei’s attention. Zhang Yiwei met Qiao Yi under the introduction of a friend. The two went outside to chat. Qiao Yi is a writer and published a novel on the Internet. It happened that Zhang Yiwei had read Qiao Yi’s novel, and he looked surprised and talked with Qiao Yi more and more speculation. That night, Qiao Yi led Zhang Yiwei back home, and the two went to bed and had sex.

The next morning, three police officers came to Qiao Yi’s house and someone called the police, claiming that a rape case had occurred in Qiao Yi’s house. Zhang Yiwei got out of bed and was questioned by the police, while Qiao Yi answered police questions in the other room. She admitted that she and Zhang Yiwei were not boyfriend and girlfriend, but they had sex. The police took Zhang Yiwei and Qiao Yi back to the police station. The group of people went out and caught the attention of the pedestrians in the aisle. Zhang Yiwei thought he was calculated by Qiao Yi.

He reminded the accompanying police that if his photo was transmitted, He sue several police officers. One of the police officers stopped and reminded pedestrians who took pictures that if they post videos and photos, they must bear the responsibility of any problems that occur. After arriving at the police station, Zhang Yiwei’s attitude slowed down and did not answer the police questions. Instead, he believed that the police would look at people when handling the case. If he was an ordinary person, he would be served by a big punishment when he arrived at the police station.

If he was rich and powerful People will receive a warm reception at the police station. The police at the scene were angered by Zhang Yiwei and reminded Zhang Yiwei to cooperate with the police in taking notes. Song Zhiming, secretary of the Dongchuan Provincial Party Committee, convened a meeting to discuss the eradication of gangsters. At the end of the meeting, Song Zhiming had a conversation with Zhang Youcheng.

He had heard about the affairs of the Fourth Master of Pingcheng. Zhang Yiwei’s son, Zhang Yiwei, was one of the Fourth Masters of Pingcheng. One of the Four Young Masters of Pingcheng was killed and the other was sentenced to jail. Song Zhiming paid close attention to the Four Young Masters of Pingcheng. Zhang You became an official Qingzheng and was sought after by netizens. Many Zhang Youcheng emoticons appeared on the Internet. Song Zhiming affirmed Zhang Youcheng’s work ability, but he was not satisfied with Zhang Youcheng’s son.

Zhang Chengyou saw Song Zhiming’s thoughts, talked to his assistant in private, and asked the assistant to observe the surrounding movement. Zhang Youcheng has already been promoted, and many people want to cheer him up. He realized that not only he has to act righteously, but also his family members cannot make criticisms, otherwise it will affect his official career. After investigation, the police released Zhang Yiwei. But after Zhang Yiwei walked out of the police station, instead of planning to leave, he deliberately provoke the police.

Father Zhang Youcheng called, Zhang Yi Wei answered the phone and counted a few words from his father, then hung up, followed by the police, and returned to the police station, asking the police to announce the identity of the person who made the call. Zhang Yiwei spoke harshly in front of the police. If he were to find out his grandson who reported his rape, he would not easily let him go.

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