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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检查组 Episode 1 Recap

Haiping City, the capital of Dongchuan Province, is a beautiful and fertile seaport city. People live and work in peace and order, and their lives are in order. Criminals took the opportunity to make trouble and were brought to justice by the people’s guards of the public, prosecutor, and legal systems. The political and legal system of Dongchuan Province selected the top ten rule-of-law figures in 2019. The commendation meeting was held at the Provincial People’s Procuratorate. The Director of the Provincial Public Security Department Yan Zhengyi, the Procurator General Yuan Hongwei, and the President of the Court Chen Changqing all participated, and attracted many people. Media reporters rushed to report.

After the commendation meeting, the reporter suggested that Zhang Youcheng, secretary of the Provincial Political and Legal Committee, take a photo with the winners. The top ten legal figures dressed in red ribbons and holding trophies are standing side by side on the steps. The winner, Yang Tao, the chief prosecutor of the Orange County District Procuratorate, failed to study in Beijing At the scene, the prosecutor Luo Xinran was appointed to accept the award for him. Zhang Youcheng recognized Luo Xinran at a glance. Luo Xinran was about to be transferred to the Provincial Procuratorate, just waiting for the transfer order.

Zhang Youcheng greeted the leaders and representatives of the public, prosecutors, and law to stand behind the winners, and reporters rushed to take pictures of them. Suddenly a gray-haired old woman appeared in the crowd. She raised the pennant over her head and shouted to Zhang Youcheng to present the pennant to He Shuguo, the second head of the Provincial Supervision Office. Zhang Youcheng hurriedly called He Shuguo out to receive the pennant and published the cut. A short congratulatory message, calling on everyone to learn from He Shuguo.

The old woman suddenly took down the pennant to show her face, and quickly flipped out the flag hidden inside, with a banner that read “Gruesomeness is in vain, dogs eat conscience”. She wanted to defend her son Shen Guangjun. Zhang Youcheng’s expression changed drastically. The old woman is Shen Guangjun’s mother, Hu Xue’e. Hu Xue’e rushed up to grab He Shuguo’s neck, shouted “Return my son” and yelled at him. The scene suddenly became a mess, and Yan Zheng hurriedly pulled Zhang Youcheng back into the building. .

Bian Guoli, the head of the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Provincial Public Security Department, ordered the police to pull Hu Xue’e away. Luo Xinran found that there was blood in He Shuguo’s neck and hurriedly searched for the injured part. It was found that Hu Xue’e had cut his wrist and committed suicide. Luo Xinran hurried to call the 120 emergency number for Hu Xue’e urgently stopped the bleeding. Yuan Hongwei advised Bian Guoli not to intervene in the matter. Bian Guoli knew the seriousness of the situation and couldn’t help but sweat for him.

Zhang Youcheng was furious and yelled at Yuan Hongwei. He Shuguo took the initiative to report to Zhang Youcheng. Yuan Hongwei hurriedly stopped him and couldn’t hold back Zhang Youcheng’s bitter questioning. He Shuguo had to admit that Hu Xuee was the mother of Shen Guangjun, the sensational 930 case criminal, and Zhang Youcheng paired. He knew the matter well. At that time, he was the chief prosecutor of the procuratorate and personally supervised the case. He also specially formed a task force of more than 100 people.

After multiple inspections by the public, prosecutors and law, Shen Guangjun was sentenced to death with conclusive evidence and was sentenced to death with a suspended sentence. In the district’s No. 1 prison, Hu Xuee appealed against the verdict. Zhang Youcheng ordered the public, prosecutors, and the law to re-examine the case and give Hu Xue’e an explanation. Yuan Hongwei suggested sending out strange soldiers.

Zheng Rui is the head of the fifth division of the Second Prison District of the First Prison. He brought the prisoners back from work and made a brief summary of their performance today. Shen Guangjun asked Zheng Rui to respond to the situation separately. He deliberately avoided the surveillance cameras. , Speaking harshly at Zheng Rui, and verbally insulting his mother, Zheng Rui beat him up in anger. The head of the Second Prison District Luo Jinsong and the instructor Shen Hao came upon hearing the news and found that Shen Guangjun’s arm was broken. Luo Jinsong hurriedly called Zheng Rui to the office. Zheng Rui beat Shen Guangjun twice.

It was impossible for him to fracture. He believed that Shen Guangjun was Waiting for an opportunity to retaliate and frame him, Luo Jinsong knew that Zheng Rui was a Sanda champion, and worried that he missed and injured Shen Guangjun. The instructor Shen Hao suggested to talk to Shen Guangjun and give him a work injury. Luo Jinsong worried that Shen Guangjun would not be able to take advantage of this opportunity. The conditions reached, decided to carry on.

Luo Jinsong sent instructor Shen Hao to negotiate with Shen Guangjun. He denied that he had scolded Zheng Rui, let alone that he had broken a bone beforehand. Shen Hao explained his interests to him. Shen Guangjun finally agreed to deal with the work injury, saying that he accidentally fell. The condition is that Zheng Jun must be transferred from the first prison. He Shuguo came to the hospital to look for Hu Xue’e to investigate and collect evidence. Luo Xinran was worried that Hu Xue’e would make trouble and advised him not to go. He Shuguo insisted to find out. They saw Hu Xue’e eating Hesai in the ward at the door, and two unidentified people came. Blackmailed Hu Xue’e and promised to help her get justice, Hu Xue’e drove the two people away in a fit of anger.

Seeing this, He Shuguo asked Luo Xinran to give Hu Xue’e the supplement. Luo Xinran was also jealous of Hu Xue’e, so she asked the nurse to send the supplement in, and she quietly left. Shen Hao and Luo Jinsong discussed and decided that they wanted Zheng Rui to be transferred from the prison first, so as not to cause more trouble. Zheng Rui was not convinced and insisted on staying to clarify the matter, not wanting to be wronged by Shen Guangjun.

Luo Xinran came to see Xiong Shaofeng, the Deputy Attorney General of the District of Orange County, to go back together. He was discussing cooperation with Lu Chunyang, CEO of Lu Chunyang greeted Luo Xinran enthusiastically, and Luo Xinran was very disdainful of him. Xiong Shaofeng was ordered to go to the hospital to find Hu Xue’e to find out about the situation. Luo Xinran learned how good Hu Xue’e was, and she could only bite the bullet and go together.

Feng Sen, the leader of the Dongchuan inspection team, disguised himself and came to the hospital to find Hu Xue’e. He introduced himself as Zheng Tianming. He heard from the nurse that Hu Xue’e had driven away a group of blackmailers. He claimed that the public, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies had people. Hu Xue’e didn’t believe that he could get justice for Hu Xue’e. Zheng Tianming pulled out the photo of him and He Shuguo, and persuaded Hu Xue’e to cooperate with him. Hu Xue’e believed that he and He Shuguo were in the same group, and the purpose was to make a conversation. On the face, he threw his file bag out of the window and forced him away. Feng Sen hurried downstairs to pick it up.

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