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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检查组 Episode 2 Recap

Hu Xue’e packed up her luggage and was secretly discharged from the hospital. From a distance, she saw the man who claimed to be Zheng Tianming sorting out the scattered documents downstairs, and left quietly. When Luo Xinran and Xiong Shaofeng arrived at the hospital, they knew that Hu Xue’e had already secretly left, so they had to look for them at home.

Hu Xue’e secretly followed He Shuguo to a teahouse and claimed to be the nanny of He Shuguo. He asked the waiter about the private room where He Shuguo was located, ordered the private room next to it, and ordered a set meal. He Shuguo came to see Feng Sen at the teahouse, brought him all the materials of Shen Guangjun’s case, and gave him a detailed introduction to the case.

That year, Shen Guangjun came to the woods to look for his niece Miao Miao. He suddenly saw Xu Dafa sitting in the car. He believed that he had kidnapped Miao Miao and forced him to hand him over. Xu Dafa denied it. Shen Guangjun used the screwdriver in the car to kill Xu Dafa. Zhang Youcheng also organized the public, procuratorate, and legal departments to form a task force of more than 100 people. He multilaterally verified that Shen Guangjun’s murder evidence was conclusive.

In addition to Shen Guangjun, there were fingerprints of his brothers Shen Guangfa and Hu Xuee on the screwdriver, but they were not at the scene of the crime. Feng Sen He promised to investigate the matter thoroughly and take photos of the documents one by one. He Shuguo promised to help him deal with his son’s affairs.

He Shuguo went to the bar to check out and found an extra fruit plate and set meal. He guessed that Hu Xue’e faked his nanny. Feng Sen had to pay for the check. He Shuguo went out to find that the bicycle had its tires removed. He knew that this was what Hu Xue’e did, so he had to push it. Go. Hu Xuee sold the house for 600,000 yuan and decided to make a desperate move to reverse the case for Shen Guangjun. She could only live on the street.

Thinking of her husband’s entrustment before his death, her wife believed that Shen Guangjun did not kill, and begged Hu Xuee to save Shen Guangjun. Hu Xuee immediately decided to contact Zheng Tianming. Take out the house money. Shen Guangfa came to pick up Hu Xue’e under the overpass and advised her not to reverse the case for Shen Guangjun, but Hu Xue’e had decided.

As soon as Shen Guangfa picked up Hu Xue’e, Feng Sen came under the overpass. He suddenly received a message from He Shuguo, asking him to learn about Shen Guangjun with Zheng Rui. Feng Sen pretends to be Mr. Xiao of the nightclub and called the Haiping triad leader Bulb King to help. Bulb King came to meet on time. It was obvious that he was not Mr. Xiao. Feng Sen explained his intention and asked him about the murder case in the underground garage of the Haoting Nightclub ten years ago. Circumstances, the Bulb King was frightened and fled, Feng Sen chased him. The Bulb King shuttled across the roof, and Feng Sen, not to be outdone, went to chase after him.

Bulb King was exhausted in the alley, and finally drove a car away. Feng Sen called He Shuguo to check the destination of the taxi. Zhang Youcheng took his secretary Chen Mingzhong to the banquet. He repeatedly confirmed that except for the people from his hometown, he was his wife Zheng Shuangxue and his son Zhang Yiwei. Zhang Yiwei was very lazy and had nothing to do all day. He was one of the famous Dongchuan Four Young Men. Zhang Youcheng is most afraid of his bad studies. Chen Mingzhong tried his best to defend Zhang Yiwei and persuade Zhang Youcheng.

The Bulb King came to look for a good woman to fool around, but Feng Sen did not expect to chase him again. The Bulb King hurriedly locked the door and Feng Sen went over the wall. The Bulb King became angry and rushed to fight Feng Sen, but was overpowered by Feng Sen on the spot. , He had to admit defeat, Feng Sen took him out for a single chat, he took the Bulb King to the roadside food stall, Bulb King guessed that he was because of the case in the underground garage of the Haoting Nightclub, and told him the process of the case in detail, the deceased Zheng Weili was crushed to death by five vehicles. Feng Sen claimed to be Zheng Tianming. The crushed deceased was his sister.

Zhang Yiwei sent a message to Huang Yuhong, the richest man in Haiping, to seek investment for his mother, Zheng Shuangxue’s Wushuang company. Zheng Shuangxue was worried about Zhang Youcheng’s discovery, so she quietly reminded him. Relatives and friends in his hometown congratulated Zhang Youcheng on his promotion to the Standing Committee. Zhang Youcheng insisted on AA with everyone in accordance with the previous rules. Zhang Yiwei congratulated Zhang Youcheng on his promotion.

Huang Yuhong suddenly came to visit Zhang Youcheng in the private room and brought a large float gift, claiming that the company came here for team building. Zhang Youcheng repeatedly stated that they were holding a family banquet and wanted to send Huang Yuhong out. Zheng Shuangxue tried his best to say good things to Huang Yuhong, and Zhang Youcheng allowed it. Huang Yuhong sat down.

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