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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检查组 Episode 3 Recap

It took ten years for Feng Sen to find the Light Bulb King, and to ask the truth about Zheng Weili’s killing. The Light Bulb King defended in every possible way and tried to clarify the relationship with the case. Feng Sen suspects that the Bulb King’s car hit Zheng Weili first, and the Bulb King was killed. Feeling helpless, he had to admit that he had lent the car to Song Limin, a good woman. Song Limin’s ex-husband, Shen Guangshun, drove to buy a lottery ticket, but he won 500,000 yuan. After that, Shen Guangshun disappeared. Feng Sen did not expect that Shen Guangshun was also involved in this case, and decided to investigate Shen Guangjun’s case again.

Zhang Youcheng learned from his relatives and friends that there were more than 1,000 laid-off workers in his hometown. He wanted to assign these people to Zheng Shuangxue’s company. Zheng Shuangxue used various excuses to evade. Huang Yuhong offered to take in those laid-off workers. Zhang Youcheng knew that he was serving his sentence in prison. His son, Huang Sihai, cleared up the relationship. Gu left and right talked about him, and then ignored him.

Zhang Youcheng deliberately talked with his relatives and friends in his hometown. Zhang Yiwei saw Zhang Youcheng’s attitude and quietly admitted to Huang Yuhong for him. Huang Yuhong’s plan failed, so he had to start the second set of plans. The secretary wanted to transfer Huang Sihai to the second prison area, and arranged for him a chance to perform meritorious service, so that he could get a commutation of his sentence without fail. The secretary also suggested opening the gap from Zhang Yiwei. This serves as a bargaining chip to threaten Zhang Youcheng.

Zhang Youcheng asked secretary Chen Mingzhong to give a gift of a float to the hotel attendants, and the waiters drew the prizes on the spot. Huang Yuhong saw this scene and hated Zhang Youcheng, and finally made up his mind to let the secretary implement the second plan. The prison guards organized the prisoners to watch the news, and Huang Yuhong took a note from under the chair, which read “Making chaos and adjusting the second prison area”. He immediately understood everything.

Zhang Youcheng came home very late. Zheng Shuangxue complained that he shouldn’t offend Huang Yuhong, but Zhang Youcheng disagrees. He doesn’t want to condone people like Huang Yuhong. Zhang Yiwei wants to go out to meet his friends, and Zhang Youcheng orders him to go to the living room to have a family meeting. Zhang Yiwei takes advantage of this to escape. The cell boss Qian Weimin’s pillow was smeared with shit. He gritted his teeth.

Upon questioning, he learned that Huang Sihai was the first to return to the prison room. It was determined that he wiped shit on the pillow. Huang Sihai tried his best to defend and Qian Weimin was irritated. When the two of them had a disagreement, they fought. Others swarmed and besieged Huang Sihai. He took out a knife and stabbed it indiscriminately. Someone was accidentally stabbed.

The prison guards came to stop the riot when they heard the news. Qian Weimin reported that Huang Sihai was wounded by a murder weapon. Huang Sihai denied that, the prison guards searched him and found nothing. Finally, the murder weapon was found on another prisoner. The actor went to bandage and punish all of them in confinement. Huang Sihai achieved his goal and couldn’t help laughing.

Zhang Youcheng waited for a long time, but did not see Zhang Yiwei coming to the meeting. Unexpectedly, he had already drove away. Zhang Youcheng spread all his anger on Zheng Shuangxue, because the night Huang Sihai had an accident, the Fourth Young Master of Pingcheng had a party together. Zhang Yi Wei was naturally among them. Zhang Youcheng didn’t want to stay one night and fool around with these people, worrying that something would happen sooner or later. Feng Sen took a bus to visit the prison in the No. 1 prison in Orange Island. He took the initiative to greet a little boy. The little boy spoke harshly to him and verbally abused the prisoners. This angered the people who came to visit the prison. Scolded the little boy.

Prison guard Fan Siliang from the first prison took the initiative to find Zheng Rui and wanted to transfer Huang Sihai to the second prison. Zheng Rui couldn’t stand his struggle and reluctantly agreed. On the condition that Shen Guangjun was transferred to the first prison, Fan Siliang was speechless. Feng Sen went to visit prison, but was stopped by an alien and his companions on the way.

The three of them went to a small restaurant nearby to negotiate. The alien promised to reduce the sentence of the prisoner Feng Sen was visiting. The two bargained. Feng Sen turned around and saw Hu Xue’e beckoning to him. He hurriedly followed Hu Xue’e out, Hu Xue’e promised to cooperate with him, the little boy secretly attacked Hu Xue’e’s head with a slingshot, and Hu Xue’e didn’t care at all.

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