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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检查组 Episode 4 Recap

Since Shen Guangjun was sentenced, Hu Xue’e has been tricked by people everywhere. She was already numb. Hu Xue’e vowed to clear away her grievances for Shen Guangjun. Feng Sen couldn’t help but fight the injustice for her and severely taught the little boy.

Luo Xinran and Xiong Shaofeng came to the house to find Hu Xue’e. They learned from the guard that her whereabouts were uncertain. Luo Xinran worried that Hu Xue’e was going to make trouble in Orange Island again, and hurried back with Xiong Shaofeng. As soon as they left, Hu Xue’e took Feng Sen home. She had already done it. To be ready to sell the house at any time, the bankruptcy must also bring justice to Shen Guangjun. Feng Sen repeatedly claimed that there was someone on top and promised to seek justice for Shen Guangjun and persuaded Hu Xue’e to explain the truth.

Hu Xuee took Feng Sen home and brought the real estate agency staff to appraise the house. The real estate staff thought Feng Sen wanted to buy a house and strongly recommended the housing estate in this community to him. Feng Sen saw that there were newly bought toys on the table. After knowing that Shen Guangshun’s daughter Miao Miao disappeared, Shen Guangshun bought gifts for her daughter every birthday. At this moment, Feng Sen saw from the window that Shen Guangshun had returned, and quickly found an excuse to leave.

The real estate agency staff identified Feng Sen as a liar and advised Hu Xue’e to act carefully. Hu Xue’e knew that Feng Sen was a liar, but she had to go to the doctor with a sudden illness in order to save Shen Guangjun. Shen Guangshun went home frustrated and Feng Sen kept watching his actions outside. A move. Zhang Yiwei came to the bar to meet his friends as scheduled. Xin Yunlai took his friends and a group of girls to party in the private room. They warmly welcomed Zhang Yiwei’s arrival and introduced him to the new beauty writer Qiao Yi.

Zhang Yiwei called Qiao Yi out alone, and learned that her first work on the Internet was “Pear Flower Broken Rain”. Zhang Yiwei had actually read this novel and was full of praise for her work. Two people At first sight, the more they talked, the more speculation, Qiao Yi took the opportunity to take Zhang Yiwei home, and they slept together that night.

Chen Mingzhong helped Zhang Youcheng pack up a few large boxes of books. He wanted to move these to the provincial government office first. Zhang Youcheng didn’t want to waste resources and manpower. He decided to move there after he had cleaned it up. Chen Mingzhong couldn’t help admiring his integrity, and Zhang Youcheng urged him to keep an eye on him. 930 Murder case.

Zhang Yiwei was sleeping with Qiao Yi at home. The police from the district police station received the call and came to check the room. They insisted that Zhang Yiwei was guilty of rape, but Zhang Yiwei did not care, claiming that he and Qiao Yi were you and Qiao Yi. Q3 I don’t know that the police arrested Zhang Yiwei and Qiao Yi. Zhang Yiwei realized that he was caught in Qiao Yi’s trap and could only follow the police back to the police station for investigation.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Song Zhiming held a special promotion meeting to deepen the “sweeping gangsters and evils”. Zhang Youcheng announced on the spot the criteria for the identification of gangsters, and Song Zhiming assigned this task to Zhang Youcheng. The police conducted surprise interrogations of Zhang Yiwei and Qiao Yi respectively. Zhang Yiwei refused to cooperate and even uttered wild words, believing that the police were just trying to frame him.

At the end of the meeting, Zhang Youcheng came to Song Zhiming to report his work. Song Zhiming praised Zhang Youcheng’s public commitment to Hu Xue’e, praised him as an Internet celebrity now, and emphasized that he is honest and upright. Zhang Youcheng did not take it seriously, Song Zhiming As far as Zhang Yiwei moved out to be the Fourth Young Master of Pingcheng, Zhang Youcheng’s expression changed suddenly, and he tried his best to defend Zhang Yiwei. Song Zhiming reminded him to be careful in the future.

The more he thought about it, the more disturbed Zhang Youcheng became. He hurriedly called Zhang Yiwei. Zhang Yiwei had just been released. He was very impatient and hung up before Zhang Youcheng finished speaking. Zhang Youcheng repeatedly urged Chen Mingzhong to keep an eye on his nerves so as not to cause trouble outside. Zhang Yiwei came to the criminal police team to negotiate with the police to seek justice for himself. He just wanted to know who the police were.

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