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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检查组 Episode 5 Recap

Zhang Yiwei made a big fuss at the police station and forced the police to hand over the person who called the police. The police were forced to report the incident to the Criminal Investigation Corps. Qiao Yi left the police station in despair. Because she was lost in mind, she was almost hit by a car. The best friend Bai Xiaolian rushed to pull her to the side of the road.

Bai Xiaolian learned that she had withdrawn her case and persuaded her to go to the hospital to check evidence and sue Zhang Yiwei and Qiao Yi She couldn’t bear it, she took the initiative to call Zhang Yiwei home, and the two of them had a relationship with each other. Bai Xiaolian refused to give up and forcibly took her to the hospital for a physical examination.

Xiong Shaofeng released a video of Hu Xue’e’s commendation meeting on the online public account, which immediately caused an uproar. Netizens condemned Hu Xue’e and Shen Guangjun. Zhang Youcheng called Bian Guoli and Yuan Hongwei to the meeting and arranged for them to review the 930 case. Zhang Youcheng also let them Cooperate with the staff in the Orange State area to appease Hu Xue’e, so that there is no more extravagance.

After hearing the news, Lu Chunyang rushed to the hospital and asked Bai Xiaolian about Qiao Yi’s situation. Qiao Yi is a signed writer of Bai Xiaolian begged Lu Chunyang to seek justice for Qiao Yi. Wang Zhijun, director of the Fulin Police Station in Haiping City, brought Feng Sen to Shen Guangshun’s car repair shop. He wanted to know something about Shen Guangshun. Shen Guangshun questioned Feng Sen who was not trimmed.

Feng Sen tried his best to conceal his identity. Whereabouts, Shen Guangshun refused to answer. Wang Zhijun took him away with his suspected car accident in the underground garage of the Haoting Nightclub. Shen Guangshun strongly protested. Feng Sen warned him that he might be involved in a murder case and forced Shen Guangshun to tell his whereabouts.

Shen Guangshun had to explain what happened that night ten years ago. The master gave him a fortune-telling to win the jackpot and asked him to drive a Mercedes-Benz with two 8s to the designated place to buy the lottery ticket, and he had to arrive at seven on time. Shen Guangjun asked His ex-wife Song Limin borrowed a car to buy the lottery ticket. He drove to leave from the underground garage of the Haoting Nightclub. He accidentally smashed with someone. The two quarreled. Shen Guangjun rushed to buy the lottery ticket, so he hurriedly left. He really won. 500000.

Feng Sen took out the information of the master Hu Dahai and also used the fraud crimes that Hu Dahai explained. Feng Sen wanted to know who the person who sold the lottery ticket to Shen Guangshun was. Shen Guangshun only remembers that it was a woman with a red face.

Other questions Without knowing it, Shen Guangshun instead condemned the inaction of the public, prosecutors, and the law. Not only did he cause his daughter to disappear, he also sent his brother Shen Guangjun to jail. Shen Guangshun exposed Feng Sen’s identity face to face and threatened to report him and Wang Zhijun pretending to be special agents to investigate the case without authorization, Feng Sen didn’t want to cause trouble for Wang Zhijun, so he quickly found an excuse and left.

Shen Guangjun came home from get off work and saw Hu Xue’e bring Feng Sen home. The real estate agency staff was evaluating the house. Shen Guangshun refused Hu Xue’e’s idea of ​​buying the house. He wanted to sell the house to find his daughter.

Hu Xue’e slammed Shen Guangshun and complained. Regardless of Shen Guangjun’s life and death for his ex-wife, Shen Guangshun spread all his anger on Feng Sen, and went to the kitchen with a knife to find Feng Sen desperately. Hu Xue’e desperately stopped him and forced him to die. Shen Guangshun had to give up. Hu Xue’e knew that Feng Sen knew He Shuguo, and was able to call Wang Zhijun, believing that he had the ability to help Shen Guangjun, Feng Sen hurriedly made an excuse to leave first, and Shen Guangshun overturned the dining table in a rage.

Xiong Shaofeng drove Luo Xinran to the No. 1 Prison. Along the way, Luo Xinran kept sending messages to her boyfriend Deng Yao. Xiong Shaofeng couldn’t help but make fun of them. The Acting Warden of the First Prison, Chen Yong, warmly welcomed Luo Xinran and Xiong Shaofeng. They wanted to come here to work on site. The office director Xian Youwen also personally led people to help them clean up the office.

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