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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检查组 Episode 6 Recap

Li Changsheng, director of the Sanfeng Police Station, called Bian Guoli to report on Zhang Yiwei’s arrest. Bian Guoli repeatedly reminded him not to act rashly and rushed to the Sanfeng Police Station. While Chen Yong and Xiong Shaofeng were having lunch together, Li Zhenghu, the chief of the Criminal Investigation Division, reported to Chen Yong that Zheng Rui had beaten Shen Guangjun. Chen Yong and Xiong Shaofeng were both anxious and worried that netizens might make a fuss. They hurried to visit Shen Guangjun.

Shen Guangshun caught up with Feng Sen and threatened to chop him to death. Feng Sen was not afraid. Shen Guangshun would not allow him to come to Hu Xue’e again. Feng Sen forced him to explain the whereabouts of the woman who sold the lottery ticket, and wanted to find out the master behind the scenes. He was able to help Shen Guangshun get justice, and even promised to give him 600,000 yuan. Shen Guangshun was noncommittal.

Feng Sen revealed that the 500,000 yuan in winning the lottery was bribed by others because Shen Guangjun had an argument with people in the underground garage, and the result was harm. Zheng Weili was crushed to death by several vehicles, leading to the kidnapping of Shen Guangshun’s daughter Miao Miao. His brother was imprisoned. Shen Guangshun was immediately furious. He picked up a brick on the ground to smash Feng Sen. Feng Sen did not evade and sneered at him. , Shen Guangshun took off in anger.

Chen Yong brought Xiong Shaofeng and Luo Xinran to see Shen Guangjun. Seeing that he was still unconscious, Luo Xinran realized that Shen Guangjun was only suffering from a broken bone and guessed that he deliberately did not want to wake up. Chen Yong gave a severe lesson to Shen Hao and Luo Jinsong, and asked them to cooperate with Xiong Shaofeng in investigating Shen Guangjun’s case, and punished Zheng Rui to suspend his work and reflect on it.

Xiong Shaofeng felt that he was serious and wanted to report the matter to his superiors. Chen Yong called him aside. , Repeatedly stated that this matter is related to the prison year-end awards and linked to the staff’s bonus. I wanted to wait until Yang Tao came back from the meeting to talk about it, Xiong Shaofeng reluctantly agreed.

Li Changsheng apologized to Zhang Yiwei, admitting that this was a misunderstanding, and Qiao Yi had withdrawn the case and promised to let him go, but Zhang Yiwei insisted on finding the person who called the police and seeking justice for himself, Li Changsheng Find all kinds of excuses to shirk. Bian Guoli came and complained that Li Changsheng shouldn’t arrest people casually. Li Changsheng told Bian Guoli in detail about the incident, believing that a third party called Qiao Yi to the police, Bian Guoli only felt relieved, and Li Changsheng again urged Zhang Yiwei to leave as soon as possible. Zhang Yiwei resolutely refused to do it, and tried hard to ask the identity of the informant. Bian Guoli tried to persuade Zhang Yiwei to leave.

Xiong Shaofeng wanted to take Luo Xinran back to report to the Chief Prosecutor Wu Qiang, reminding Luo Xinran in advance to conceal the beating of Shen Guangjun. Feng Sen asked the community guard about the situation of Shen Guangshun’s ex-wife Song Limin, but Shen Guangshun heard that Shen Guangshun beat him up, but was subdued by Feng Sen on the spot. Shen Guangshun called Feng Sen a liar and wanted to deceive the house from his mother, thanks to Hu Xue’e. Came in time to stop, Shen Guangshun had to drive away.

Bian Guoli picked up Zhang Yiwei. Zheng Shuangxue had been waiting for him in the car. Zhang Yiwei threatened to catch the policeman. Bian Guoli persuaded him to calm down and stop making extravagances, lest someone use Qiao Yi to prosecute him for rape. Zheng Shuangxue was aware of it. When it came to the seriousness of the problem, he promised to find someone to appease Qiao Yi and ask Bian Guoli to conceal it from Zhang Youcheng.

Zheng Rui was fined to write for inspection, but he couldn’t write a word. Chen Yong wanted to have a separate talk with Zheng Rui, so she left Shen Hao and Luo Jinsong. Chen Yong gave Zheng Rui a severe lesson, and Zheng Rui insisted. Chen Yong didn’t listen to Shen Guangjun’s fracture. He explained his interests. Zheng Rui was not convinced.

His mother was murdered by criminals when he was seventeen. Therefore, Shen Guangjun hated those who ruined his happy family. His mother, he received the news that the warden Wang who sympathized with his father was dying, she couldn’t bear it before he started beating others. Zheng Rui firmly believed that he did not beat Shen Guangjun to the bone. Chen Yong believed in him deeply and immediately decided to let him return. post.

Zheng Shuangxue persuaded Zhang Yiwei to comfort Qiao Yi, and if she fell in love with her, she could block everyone’s mouths and Zhang Yiwei would unplug her. At this moment, Xin Yunlai called Zhang Yiwei, and he hurried to the bar, Xin Yunlai was busy reporting something to him. Feng Sen went to great lengths to find Song Limin’s small supermarket. He lied that he was a colleague of Shen Guangjun and he was close to Song Limin. He asked her about Shen Guangjun. Song Limin hated Shen Guangjun for letting her family break down and cursed Shen Guangjun for being shot. Feng Sen claimed that there was someone from the Public Security Bureau. Promised to help Song Limin.

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