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Roving Inspection Team (2020) 巡回检查组

Roving Inspection Team (2020)
Other Title: 巡回检查组, People’s Justice , Ren Min De Zhang Yi , Xun Hui Jian Cha Zu , 人民的正义

Genres: Drama, Political
Li Lu
Yu Fei
Hunan TV
Release Date: 
December 13, 2020
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  • Yu He Wei as Feng Sen
  • Cecilia Han as Luo Xin Ran
  • Wu Gang as Song Zhi Ming
  • Feng Lei as Xiong Shao Feng
  • Han Tong Sheng as Zhang You Cheng
  • Cheng Tai Shen as Mi Xue Zheng

The drama focuses on the Chinese criminal justice system and the rich and powerful who make underhand deals to avoid their prison sentences.

At the commendation meeting of Dongchuan Province’s “Top Ten Figures of the Rule of Law”, He Shuguo, the second chief of the Procuratorate of the Provincial Procuratorate, suddenly encountered the local family members of the death penalty criminals in the “930 Murders”. In order to find out the truth, Zhang Youcheng, secretary of the Provincial Political and Legal Committee, appointed prosecutor Feng Sen as the leader of the provincial inspection team to investigate the case.

After Feng Sen performed his duties, he caused controversy because of his different style of handling the case. In the process of reopening the investigation of the “930 Case”, layers of fog were gradually lifted. Feng Sen and Director of the Supervision and Prosecutors Office Luo Xinran faced the truth, did not fear threats, adhered to their professional ethics, and treated prosecutors in the new era. The law that upholds the justice of the people has undergone a new interpretation, maintaining the sacredness and authority of the law.

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