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Shi Wei Yi Jun Mo

Shi Wei Yi Jun Mo (Novel)
Other Name: 石薇易君陌

Genre: novel, Xian Xia
Author: Tian Jianling
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The beginning of the story is that Shi Wei accompanied Queen Mother of the West to a banquet in the heaven, but unexpectedly He strayed into the Tianchi, the water and the fire were restrained, Shi Wei’s body was exhausted, and the appearance of Yi Junmo rescued her from the water and the fire, and from then on, Shi Wei was happy with him. But I didn’t expect that when I met again, Yi Junmo would have Shi Wei burn out his cultivation base to save another woman…

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“Vil, let go quickly!”

Yi Huaili followed out, her cold voice tinged with eagerness and worry.

Stepping back step by step, Xiwei’er looked painful: “No, Huaili, I will kill him, he is the evil kind, he is the evil kind…”

Until this moment, Shi Xi vaguely understood what was coming.

I am afraid that the child in Xiweier’s arms is the son she gave birth to with other men in the human world.

Yi Huaili was indifferent to having such a green hat on his head, and connected the mother and son to the heaven. It’s a pity that Xiweier’s face is thin, her mouth is broken behind her back, and she goes crazy and wants to do her own son.

“Weir, listen to me, Rui’er is your child and my child. If anyone dares to act nonsense, this hall will never let him stay in this nine-fold heaven.”

Shixi curled her lips secretly.

It’s really affectionate, and even rushing to cuckold. In order to maintain this little green hat called Rui Er, I am not afraid of being despised by the immortals.

“No, he is not my son, he is not my son…Kill him, I will kill this wicked species…”

Xiwei’er, who was in a crazy state, murmured again.

As Yi Huaili approached step by step, she stepped back.

She was still watching the lively Shixi coolly next to her, as she watched her gold-painted jade shoes getting closer and closer to her, and her expression changed immediately.

She had been smashed to pieces, and if she stepped on it again, she would definitely be crushed to pieces.

No longer caring to watch the excitement, Shixi tried his best to break through the silence curse he had put on her: “His Royal Highness, what are you and a madman talking about? You can’t bear to stun her, then this child will undoubtedly die today! Has he taken in less and exhaled more? Extremely stupid!”

Because she was only the size of a slap, her voice was also restricted.

She thought it was a roar, but her groan was worse than whispering.

When Xiweier’s retreat stepped toward her, she said in secret: I don’t know how long it will take to rebuild a body for herself…

Close your eyes and wait for the disaster.

Unexpectedly, I could only hear a man’s sneer above his head: “You little stone speaks unscrupulously. But this temple thinks of you for the sake of Rui’er, so I won’t care about you today.”

Opening his eyes, he saw Yi Huaili tightly holding the little green hat named Rui’er with one hand, and holding Xiwei’er who had passed out with the other.

“You two, pick her up and go to Laojun Taishang to get her two bone-receiving pills for me.”

After another sentence, Yi Huaili strode towards the bedroom.

Shi Xi was stunned, what did he just say?

Will, she, pick up, pick up, come?

Pick it up?

Ha ha ha! She thanked him!

Shi Xi angrily threw an eye knife at Yi Huaili, but unexpectedly touched a pair of children’s deeply concerned eyes.

Somehow, she touched Rui’er’s sight and her chest suddenly hurt.

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