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Taigu Tune

Taigu Tune” (Novel)
Other Name: 太古调

Genre: novel, Xianxia
Author: Gui Caiwei
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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the battle between the fairy and the devil is on the verge of breaking out. , But by mistake, she met and fell in love with the commander of Beiming God Lord Han Yang, and to prevent the demon from succeeding, she deliberately exposed her identity, but the beloved received a curse and would forget herself when she was stabbed by Han Yang At the moment in the chest, the coldness with all the memories recovered, but after all, the yin and yang of the beloved are separated…

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“Past? How can I pass? Before my father died, that was how I cursed me-for three thousand years, I would suffer from the pain of ants biting my bones day and night. If it hadn’t been for me to find that drinking could restrain pain, it would have been unable to support it. Sometimes even alcohol doesn’t work much anymore. When Chaos was guarding the city, the pain suddenly broke out, causing me to almost miss, and almost thought we were going to die on the spot.”

“Princess…” Qing Yan felt sad, and didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t be sad, I’ve long been used to it. It’s just that this time I actually fell asleep for three days, which is really something wrong.” Bai Long slowly rubbed the wine bottle beside the case and asked, “Three days have passed, are there any in Di Fu? news?”

“General Di Fu went to the God Realm, we can no longer track it,” Qing Yan said, “But if General Di Fu went forward, I am afraid that the soldiers will have already assembled to attack the God Realm and take the Heavenly Emperor’s Palace.”

Bai Long frowned: “Qing Yan, what Di Fu said before he defected, can you repeat it with me?”

Qing Yan then repeated Di Fu’s words before leaving to Bai Long.

“…General Di Fu said that he had been confined in this Demon Realm for three thousand years. He had already had enough, so he was going to overthrow the Protoss and unify the six realms…”

“Anything else?”

“Also…” Qing Yan hesitated to speak, “Also, what Di Fu said that the’Three Thousand Years of Calamity’ has come. Even if the princess wants to stop him, it depends…it depends on whether the princess lives until then. “

Bai Long said nothing for a while.

“Back then, Di Fu saw me killing my father with my own eyes, and heard the curse that my father placed on me before he died.” Bai Long murmured, “For three thousand years, Di Fu has been deterred by my magic power, so he chose Obeyed me, but he also saw that I was tortured by the curse of my father, and the pain of bone-biting continued day by day, and the pain could only be relieved by drinking.”

Bai Long raised his head and smiled slightly: “Three thousand years, which of the father’s curses has not come true? So Di Fu is convinced that this last time, I will definitely not be able to hide.”

“The last time?” Qing Yan asked puzzledly, “In addition to this bone-biting pain, what kind of curse did the Demon Lord Hejiao put on the princess?”

Bai Long closed his eyes and said, “He said, three thousand years later, I will be severely robbed, and my bones will be broken and my soul will die.”

Qing Yan was taken aback and opened his eyes wide: “What? This…this…”

Bai Long suddenly turned his head and looked at Qing Yan, smiling slightly.

“Qingyan, you are also a demon king and daughter. In order to get the honor and fief from me, your father, the demon king, hesitate to send you the king and daughter to be my maidservant. Among your demon clan, the family relationship is very few. Is it light?”

“Qingyan has served the princess for more than a thousand years. As a prince and daughter, I don’t remember many things when she was a child,” Qingyan said. “The demon clan’s affection is indeed weak, but there is no…”

“There is no such shameless and brutal father-slayer as I am, do you?” Bai Long smiled, “Do you also think that I am a cruel and bloodthirsty princess of the Demon Race, for the power of the Demon Lord, even my own Did your biological father let it go?”

“No, no!” Qing Yan shook his head again and again, “The servant girl believed that the princess must have her own problems at the time…”

Bai Long was speechless for a long time.

After a long while, Bai Long sighed and did not continue, she slowly stood up: “Go, Qingyan. Take Xiaojue, let’s go to Chiyan Pass.”

From the Palace of King Liudu to Chiyanguan, lava flows like a river all the way. The former bustling city of the gilt is now empty, almost empty.

The gilt capital is an unparalleled supreme city for the demons. Once the demon lords of the past dynasties have won the highest position, they will surely ascend here, ordering the twelve demon kingdoms and even the three realms of demons and ghosts. The Demon Realm is highly hierarchical. If you can become the Demon General of the Capital City, your status and glory will be much higher than the status of the Demon King of the Twelve Demon Kingdoms. Therefore, even if the lionqiu is named the Night Demon King, he still has the right to be expelled by Di Fu. The matter of leaving the capital is brooding.

However, this so-called high position and so-called power are still inferior to the temptation outside the demon world.

“Before Di Fu left, he said he was going to overthrow the Protoss and dominate the Six Realms. Qingyan, do you think he can succeed?”

Chiyan closed, and the gate of the demon world flashed like a new moon. Bai Long looked up at the ladder made of lava and asked.

“This… the slave and maid don’t know.” Qing Yan said.

Bai Long said nothing for a while, and for a moment said: “It was the long-cherished wish of the father to defeat the gods and unify the six realms. If it weren’t for good fortune and people, he might have already turned the world into the world of the demons-however, If he really does this, I am afraid that the world today has already returned to chaos.”

With that, Bai Long stepped towards the ladder, Qing Yan followed closely behind Bai Long.

“As a demon clan, the slave servant has been in the demon world for more than a thousand years and has been fascinated by the behavior of the demon clan,” Qing Yan said in a low voice, “If the princess had no right to govern, the demon clan would definitely not be able to sustain it to this day…”

“Haha, good governance?” Bai Long chuckled. “Where do I have a way to govern, but with magic power to deter people and suppress it at all levels, it’s just—”

When he came under the ladder of heaven, Bai Long stopped and said, “As a demon, I also know the nature of demons: since the beginning of the world, demons have been powerful and can confront the gods, but they act differently. I only know plundering, ignorance of manners, hobby of killing, cruelty and ruthlessness, these are the instincts of demons, no matter where they are, they will not change at all.

Bai Long raised his hand and slowly stroked the ladder.

“However, being born as a demon is not our choice after all,” Bai Long murmured, “after all, they are my subjects and my responsibility. After they are deceived from the demon world by Di Fu, they will be lawless and provoked. If something goes wrong, it is very likely to be slaughtered and wiped out by the Protoss. This seat must not be left alone.”

“Then, princess, you want to—”

“I want to get them all back,” Bai Long stared at him, “at least before they cause a catastrophe, or, in other words, before the God Realm starts to get rid of them all.”

“President is going to the God Realm?” Qing Yan asked worriedly, “But now there is no one in Liudu City. Would you like to bring the newly recruited Ye Ming Army down—”

“Who said I’m going to take people?” Bai Long smiled, “Naturally, I have to go alone.”

“What?” Qing Yan was taken aback, and opened his eyes suddenly, “Well, how can this be! Princess, you are the lord of the demon world. If you are targeted by those protoss, they will definitely be against you! It is too much for you to go alone. It’s dangerous, let alone, let alone…”

“What’s more?” Bai Long’s eyes moved slightly.

“What’s more, let alone what you just said, the three thousand years of calamity cursed by Demon Lord Hejiao, in case it should be fulfilled…” Qing Yan’s voice was trembling more and more, “You have to know that since you took over the position of Demon Lord, it just happens… Three thousand years.”

Bai Long laughed.

“Causes?” She raised her head and looked at the gate of the demon world, with the clear blue crescent reflected in her eyes. “Qingyan, you know, the so-called calamities are just bigger difficulties–someone can get through, some If I can’t make it, it’s a fate. What happened? But it became a joke. If I went with my soldiers this time, I would be recognized by the Protoss as sending troops and declaring war, which caused more obstacles. So, I should go forward alone. Go, it will be more concealed and safer.”

“But the princess…” Qing Yan still wanted to dissuade.

“Okay,” Bai Long said, “Qing Yan, the order I gave you before is still in hand?”

Qing Yan hurriedly took out the demon lord’s order from her arms: “The slave and maid dare not lose.”

Bai Long took the order of the purple-colored Demon Lord, and lightly chanted the curse. The token gradually rose from the palm of her hand into the air, as if it had been coated with a layer of mercury, and then burst into white light around the side of the day. The gap is like a huge white dragon. The ladder below the gate of the demon world is crumbling, and the white dragon seems to be threading a needle and walking along the outline of the gate of the demon world, as if to stitch the gate of the demon world.

Qing Yan opened her eyes wide: “Princess, this is…”

The white light suddenly disappeared, the Demon Lord’s Order also turned back to purple, slowly fell from the air, and returned to Bai Long’s hands.

“Qing Yan, remember, when I summon the fleeing demons back, I will issue instructions from outside the devil world, and sense my instructions, and the demon lord’s order will turn silver again,” Bai Long handed the demon lord’s order to Qing again Yun, exhorted, “I have applied the closed-door spell on the order. Once you see it change color, you will activate this closed-door spell from within the enchantment to close the gate of the demon world again. Understand?”

“Yes, princess.” Qing Yan carefully took the order of the devil.

“Where is Xiao Jue?” Bai Long asked.

Qing Yan hurriedly took out a jade box from his sleeve and presented it to Bai Long. Bai Long opened the jade box, and the dormant purple snake immediately awoke, shaking his head, revealing the blue fangs.

Bai Long stretched out his finger and flicked its head: “Xiao Jue, I want to take you out and see the world, but you must be obedient, don’t lose my face.”

“Princess…Have you really decided?” Qing Yan’s voice trembled.

“Of course,” Bai Long pressed the grinning Xiao Jue back, and put away the jade box, “I won’t leave for long. The lion is dead, the Chaos Pass has not been broken, and the other demons dare not act rashly, and they will be peaceful for the time being. For a while. You take good care of the palace and wait for me to come back.”

Bai Long turned around, stepped onto the ladder, and walked towards the gate of the demon world. When the clear wind hits, her white dress is flying in the wind, and under the radiance of the red sky, she is like a snow-white lotus in the blood-colored Tianchi, which will be swallowed by this huge undercurrent at any time.

Qing Yan’s heart tightened, and suddenly remembered something, and shouted: “Princess! Your bone-biting pain is still happening, do you want to bring some wine…”

Bai Long stopped at the end of the ladder and turned around and smiled: “Those immortal brewing wines in the Demon Realm were also taken from the God Realm thousands of years ago. When I really reach the God Realm, are you afraid that I will not drink? Haha.”

Bai Long turned around, and suddenly flew into the air, rising into the air like a white crane spreading its wings, disappearing into the blue water gate of the demon world.

“Don’t cry, I will come back alive.”


Qing Yan looked up at the direction Bai Long had left, and tightly grasped the demon lord’s order in his hand, “You must be sure, you must come back safely…”

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