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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 32 Recap

The third prince pointed the culprit of Lu Zhengming’s murder to the left, and the emperor ordered the Eagle Assassin to slay the law. This incident made Lu Yuantong very happy, and soon he will take Lu Zhengming back to his territory. As for Jiang Shu, Feng Xi said that neither self-protection nor Bao Lu Zhengming could take care of it.

Jiang Shu was naturally missing, and when he was found, he would discuss plans with him. The opposition between Zuoxiang and Lu Yuantong nowadays is a good thing for Feng Xi, but he doesn’t want these two to turn against the third prince. Let’s take a step forward. It’s just that Lu Yuantong was trapped in Kyoto, and now he has to let the tiger go back to the mountain, which is a bit helpless.

The third prince’s carriage and Feng Xi faced each other, and Feng Xi said a few polite greetings. When the three princes mentioned Dongyue, he didn’t know what to say, but in the eyes of the three princes, he was a ruthless, cold-blooded animal. Dongyue did everything for him, and eventually he changed to an unknown name and no surname. The third prince couldn’t help but call Qu for Dongyue. Dongyue thought about the people who saw the left in Yufeng Pavilion that day. The collusion was still unknown, so he accepted the invitation of the three princes to temporarily settle down in Yufeng Pavilion.

After Feng Xi returned to the mansion, he found a book of words on the desk, which recorded his loving past with a woman named Dongyue. Combined with the recent questioning of the three princes, it turned out that the person he had forgotten was Dongyue, so she had been thinking about it all the time. That person is himself.

The three princes were leading Dongyue to walk in the Yufeng Pavilion. Suddenly the left side begged to see him. Now the left side is still an accomplice to the three princes. He even questioned his decision. The three princes yelled, he is dignified. The prince, the future monarch of the Great Yin Kingdom, a mere minister dared to speak to him like this, and the minister immediately changed the attitude of negotiation to a request for instructions.

The third prince knew that Zuoxiang had captured Fu Yuanshan, and he could not be more appropriate to deal with Feng Xi. Feng Xi couldn’t guess who was betraying Fu Yuanshan for a while, so she didn’t want to think of this. In addition, thinking of the girl in Winter Moon, she ordered Daole to run errands and take her to the Shadow Puppet Theater.

The sorrow of Xiyue’s sings on the screen, the past unconsciously appeared in front of him, Feng Xi pulled Dongyue behind the scenes and personally played with the shadow puppets. The dialogue he met at the beginning of the year came out of her mouth again, and Feng Xi kissed her as he did in the past. In the forehead, the three princes left in the attic watching this scene.

Returning to Yufeng Pavilion, the third prince planned what Feng Xi should do when he rescued Fu Yuanshan. He was too cunning and would let him slip away if he was careless. Qing Xiao suggested that Dongyue be the hook, not afraid that Feng Xi would not be fooled. When Dongyue came in, the topic between master and servant ended. Dongyue first invited the three princes to the theater, and followed Qingxiao to find the location of Yufeng Pavilion where Fu Yuanshan was imprisoned. Finally, she put the location map on Feng Xi’s table and moved the tiger away from the mountain. This was the last time she helped Feng Xi.

Sitting in the theater with the third prince looking at the shadow puppets, he suddenly wanted to perform it on his own. After singing for a long time, the third prince still did not come out behind the scenes. Dongyue noticed something was wrong and ran to check, but the third prince had already left, she was calculated. .

In the Yufeng Pavilion, Feng Xi and Dao Le broke into the secret room all the way to rescue Fu Yuanshan. At this moment, dozens of archers appeared and formed an encirclement situation. This battle was doomed to escape. Dao Le protected Feng Xi with a sword in his body. The three princes appeared at this moment. Lieutenant Feng Xiji threw out Jiang Shu in exchange, so the three princes let Dao Le go and only took Feng Xi Fu Yuanshan to find Jiang Shu.

Feng Xi stepped forward to comfort Daole with a few words, and quietly scribbled a few secret signs behind him, which led the three princes to find Jiang Shu. When they came to a lake in the suburbs, they stopped. Feng Xi said that he only knew the general location. As for the details, he had to ask Fu Yuanshan. So Feng Xi had the opportunity to get close to Fuyuanshan.

Unsheathed Fu Yuanshan. Without Fu Yuanshan, there is no evidence. Who would dare to say that he is the remnant of the Ming family, he is still an upright and upright adult. When Dongyue found out that she had been tricked into the Yufeng Pavilion’s secret room, she only found a seriously injured Daole. She didn’t care about thinking too much, so she just saved Daole first.

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